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    The Les Paul has to be the most iconic guitars in the history of eclectic instruments. This sonic monster first hit the streets in 1952 with the release of the Goldtop. In almost 50 years of production the guitar has seen many configurations, still for the most part the guitar remains the same.

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    I took this bag on a 2 week trek to England. The shoulder straps were amazing for when I needed my hands free. It wasn't bulky, but suprisingly roomy. It held up great through it all, and still looks brand new. Great purchase!

  • W. Ford - Junk.

    Ordered this mainly because my TV was equipped for it, and wanted to stay up to date. All the other dismal reviews are correct: Freezes in the middle of installation, get's excessively hot, and does absolutely nothing. I removed it, and restored the original software version on my TV, rather than continue fruitless attempts to install and risk damage to my set. On the plus side, it could be used as a tech-y looking paperweight.

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    acapella perfection... Dolly is a Goddess.. Pentatonix is the best acapella group on the planet.. put them together.. and *WOW*...

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    Best stuff ever! Incredibly easy to use and LOVE how it dries in minutes. Can't believe I never heard of Restore -A-Finish before until a friend of mine who restores antiques for a living told me to use it instead of spending countless hours sanding. Found an old sewing table from the 50's that I couldn't live without but was hesitant on restoring it because it was pretty banged up. Used Restore-A-Finish and within 15 minutes the sewing table literally look brand new. Like I said, best stuff ever.

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    The product did work, but after a day or 2, my eyes went back to the way they were. The seller was prompt.