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  • Heather Jones - Good product for the price.

    After reading reviews of this product on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. It worked perfectly on the tiny scratches in the paint that did not expose any primer. For bigger scratches where I could see the primer, I used cream #1 multiple times (up to 7) to get rid of them. On those scratches, it probably got rid of about 80% of them. For deep scratches, such as key marks, it really didn't work that well on its own. I followed the advice of another reviewer, and painted first with a matching auto paint I bought at Walmart. Let it dry, then I sanded it with the 3000 grit paper and used cream #1 several times. Finished up with cream #2 and the key mark was noticeably improved. Definitely not perfect, but I would say it worked as well as my neighbor's $400 car buffer, for only $14. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to get rid of small scratches cheaply. Also -- you have to rub in cream #1 really hard!

  • Amazon Customer - I LOVE THE FLEX BELT

    I LOVE THE FLEX BELT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I carried my 4 children and I've had many surgeries in my past, and I also have Fibromyalgia so I do not feel like exercising. The flex belt kinda feels like it squeezes a little.. I know it's working and it works great!! I've only had it for 30 days or so and can already see a difference. THANKS FLEX BELT! :)

  • TamieT - very comfortable

    These chairs arrived on time & were packaged better than some I bought from another dealer. They are so comfortable that after I bought some for my home, I ordered these for my daughter. My daughter feels they are very comfortable but she reported they were a little heavy for her to carry down to the pool or the beach which she lives a couple blocks from.