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  • Lessons from SSRI Stories | SSRI Stories - HOW DO SSRIs (AND OTHER MEDICATIONS) CAUSE VIOLENCE? (and why don’t people spot the connection?) Anecdotal Evidence of the SSRI-Violence Connection HOW do
  • SSRI Information | SSRI Stories - "If it can be solved by $5,000 or a new boyfriend, it's not depression." - Ned Shorter, Hannah Professor in the History of Medicine and Professor of
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  • Iain Farrimond | SSRI Stories - "Perfect husband" takes antidepressants for stress, has nice evening with wife, then attempts to stab her to death and kill himself. Depression blamed.
  • GP Dr Wendy Potts | SSRI Stories - GP taking medication for bipolar blogs about her condition, exhibits odd behaviour and suicidal acts, is suspended, medication increased, dies by suicide.
  • Helen Nicholl | SSRI Stories - Dentist has complaint filed about her, starts citalopram, diazepam, hangs herself, husband held on suspicion of murder, since no logical motive for suicide.
  • Alison Corchis | SSRI Stories - Cipralex, like all SSRIs, increases the risk of suicide and violence for a few people, Case has hallmarks of an SSRI tragedy but nobody looked there.
  • Katinka Newman: Author | SSRI Stories - Journalist experiences a terrifying SSRI-related ordeal, which inspires an episode on BBC's Panorama, to air in autumn, 2016.
  • Spree Shooting/stabbing/attack | SSRI Stories - Criteria: Lone assailant or two, violent attack on 2 or more persons unrelated to and/or unknown to perpetrator(s) with intent to kill or high risk of death as

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  • Brenda S. - Don't Remove the Paper Seal!

    I have used the Damp Rid Products for years and years and they work great! But this new incarnation of the tub has a paper (moisture permeable) seal on the tub which you should not remove (Ooops!). Yeah it's not very clear to us old timers- so I thought I would give everyone a heads up, now you won't be taping the seal back on like me :-).

  • Kathleen Genelly - Creamy Instant Mashed Potatoes.The Best!

    These are best instant mashed potatoes you should always have on hand when you don't have time to peel regular potatoes. They are so convenient and tasty, that I use them even when I do have time for reguar potatoes, (and they don't go bad in a storage bin!) I also have arthritus in both of my hands, so it also helps me avoid the painful process of peeling.

  • Julie B. Rieth - Just what we needed!

    Despite many therapy sessions and doctor appointments, my husband and I were still at a loss as to how to control our son's angry outbursts. The Total Transformation Program gave us clear actions to take, words to say and validation for our expectations about behavior. While the transformation does not happen overnight, I see progress and I feel so much more in control of my actions and reactions. I feel like I have a plan now, and I can see more clearly my role in the relationships and behavior. I've put the lessons on my iPod and refer back to them regularly. I'm always reminded of actions to take and ways of responding that apply to new situations that occur. Every parent can benefit from this training. James Lehman is a wonderful coach!

  • Daniel - NOT as good as can be, especially when you're paying top $$ for a top $$ with a supposed top reputation

    had some issues with it, was clearly not fully functional, Had been stuck with misc. problems connecting, loosing volume, or simply cuts out, connects on and off. even with firmware updates, didn't help. I ended up buying one retail locally after 10 months, and it didn't have any of the issues. Go figure. Maybe it's the vendor that's selling refurb? that we don't know about.