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  • Amyopathic dermatomyositis - physical exam - Learn about the exam of dermatomysitis and it's less common variant: amyopathic dermatomyositis.
  • Kussmaul's sign demonstrated in Stanford Hospital - Example of Kussmaul's sign seen in constrictive pericarditis and right heart failure.
  • Referred pain from abdominal causes. Shoulder exam normal. - A patient presents with shoulder pain but the should is normal. What is the cause. How can you tell from the exam? Learn more at the Stanford 25 blog.

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  • Brady Pack - Solid Treadmill

    The F63 is the best treadmill in it's price range. I know because I basically tested out every single one I could find in my price range. This machine by far is the best one. It was pretty heavy to bring inside, I'd recommend having a friend or two to help get it in the home. It was an easy set up though, some reviews I read said the machine was too big but the dimensions I found on the machine were accurate so I just measured in the room where it was going and it fit perfectly.

  • Stephanie - Wouldnt get it again.

    I've used this brand in the past but this particular bottle made me feel awful. I felt like I'd taken 2 or 3 times the normal dosage. I didn't just feel like I had more energy, I also got shaky and experienced some really horrible headaches.

  • kratosdivine - Amazing quality and deal on HDMI Cables!

    These cables are excellent HDMI cables. They arrive promptly and work perfectly. I ordered these to use to connect a PS4 and a computer to my TV. The pictures are clear and precise, and there's virtually no detectable lag (which I've experienced with cheaper varieties of these cords). The cord length allows for great flexibility in the arrangement of my setup, too. I highly recommend these cords to anyone looking for them. There's no need to spend $20+ on one "deluxe" or "high quality" cable when this option is equally good and only $9 for two.

  • Maddog - Hasa R2 Roadbike

    After looking at several road bikes in this price range, I decided to try the Hasa R2 with Tiagra componets. The first thing I noticed was the excellent welds and paint. We have purchased three other "name brand" bikes locally in this price range and found the Hasa to have the best finish and componets. It also has excellent handlebars, better than the $2500.00 Fuji we purchased. The R2 is a well built bike and would be perfect for someone wanting Tiagra componets and not necessarily a carbon fiber frame.

  • Gingersnappz62 - Needs more editing.

    Each style started off the same way, but there were too many unnecessary, redundant words. I think that the instructions should have been more to-the-point. The reader should be able to just go to the pattern, see what materials are needed, and then get down to business. Unfortunately, I've found better written patterns with online searches. Nice pictures though. I'd would have given it more stars if it had been edited better.

  • Inspiring Insomnia - Now I know how I got my job!!! My boss has a binder, too!!!

    I watched the Presidential debate on Tuesday. I didn't understand most of it, but I loved what that one guy said about his binders full of women. Those ladies were so lucky! I work for an asset management firm which tends to be a male-dominated industry. I have long wondered, as a woman, how I managed to get hired at my firm when there were surely many more qualified men. Could my boss have a binder, too?