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  • Jason DuChateau - My 2002 buick century was ready for the junkyard. ...

    My 2002 buick century was ready for the junkyard. Head gasket was blown car wouldnt stay running. I tried this as a last resort and it lasted about 22,000 miles before the head gasket started leaking again. Going to pour in another bottle. Hopefully it works again.

  • Youth Seeker - The scent is way too strong.

    I couldn't sleep last night after spraying a little in my scalp. I had to get up and wash my hair. Can't use it during the day because it makes your hair look like you haven't washed for days. I'm so disappointed.

  • SlipMahoney - Basically, A Great Kit.

    Yep, basically, it is a great kit, but like one of the other reviewers mentioned, the instructions are lacking. I mean, it's nice to have the photos of the kit to go by as the kit comes together, but photos don't show you what's up or down when it comes to the exact placement of many of the parts. I found that out the hard way.

  • Fred Razu - Good deal

    I was looking for a good cordless drill and bought this one. It works ok for diy projects. Lo recomiendo tiene buena potencia no es muy pesado buena duración de la batería en resumen estoy satisfecho con la compra.

  • Machiavelli's Revenge - A Worthy collection of short stories

    Many stories were interesting and well written, but other are amateurish in subject matter, and the writing is just average. I would recommend this collection for its variety of stories

  • william denniston - The unit is awesome!!

    The unit is awesome!!! Very easy to install with no cutting or anything took me 10 min to put it in!