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  • Tunesky - Incomplete

    The order did not come with ear buds or a connection cable so not only can I not listen to it, I can't load it or charge it. I tried to request a replacement but it never came and when I went to check on the item since it hadn't arrived yet there was no sign of the replacement and it was past the return window. TERRIBLE.

  • l.c.r. - Don't be fooled. Look at the fake 4- and 5-star reviews

    I'm watching the infomercial for this product right now. Host Jim is raving about how this product cured his joint inflammation pain. Sounded great--I have a ton of joint pain. Checked Amazon, and surprise--ALL of the four- and five-star reviews are for one or two products at most. I'm not spending a cent on this scam.

  • Amazon Customer Monica - Kaspersky

    This is a good anti virus program. It never bothers other programs and for that I am thankful. You cannot even tell it is there.

  • AJ Jensen - I have tried many many beard oils and i now found the best for me which is from Warlord Beard Oil

    It was ~ OK. I have tried many many beard oils and i now found the best for me which is from Warlord Beard Oil. Mine and the wifes favorite is the Southern Tabacoo scent. It also does cost an arm/legs like most competitors.

  • Lisa - Loved it!!

    You might want to crank up the air and have one hand free ladies when you read this one! We already know what this author is capable of when it comes to giving us hot dominant men and Adam does not disappoint!

  • moons - Wait for price drop

    I purchased this TV from best buy because it was on sale. As the previous person mentioned the TV is very easy to set up. Although that's really the only great thing about. Although it is marked as having an effective refresh rate of 240, I feel it's important to know it actually has a native refresh rate of 60 hz which to someone who is sensitive to motion blur makes a huge difference, especially on the larger screened tv's. The picture was OK but not the UHD I had come to expect. I tried many different 4K sources and nothing blew me out of the water. Sound was good and I liked the interface. I did return TV and bought the older 810c with native 120hz huge difference for less money. Very happy with the 810c. Which also has google TV and had been updated to support HDR so the picture in my opinion is way better than the 700d. Plus 810c is full array.

  • fchchdjd - YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!!

    this is a great game, it has cool graphics and it is amazing for hunters. it does have a few problems though. it is horrible for kindle fire. it freezes it constantly, and when a kindle freezes it stays frozen until you fix it. it also takes up a lot of space, and it takes forever to download and to load all together. I hope this helped