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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Ronald J. King - Worked Great

    We recently moved in to a house with a pet urine smell in one corner of the carpeted basement. We didn't know how long it had been there, but I imagined it'd be next to impossible to get out since that sort of stain usually soaks through the carpet and permenates the concrete. Not having high expectations, I bought a 32 oz bottle of this stuff. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! I just squeezed out the whole bottle on to the carpet, put a fan on it, and low and behold - no more odor. This stuff really does work!

  • Kyle R. - Great battery maintance/restore tool

    I have used this on about 5 batterys so far. It is well worth the money. I have restored 2 out of the 5 batterys, the other 3 were 5-7 years old and i didn't expect it to bring them back to a working condition.

  • M. Bassik - I'm in org chart heaven

    Downloaded the free trial and was instantly blown away by the org chart capabilities. Was easy to use, easy to edit and easy to export. A+

  • Kate C - While you're away, puppy will play!

    Very easy to set up, picture quality is good. Just started using but so far it's great! The dog loves the treats.. She still hasn't figured out where I'm hiding :)

  • Amazon Shopper in PA - Quicken 2014 Doesn't Measure Up

    I purchased the Quicken Premier 2014 Download directly from Intuit. Very sorry that I did ! Since theINITIAL download, I have experienced many glitches. There have been numerous updates but none rectify the problems. Updating my accounts, through Quicken, have been a nightmare. Since I began using Quicken in 2003, I have never had my computer "freeze". It now will do so periodically. Moreover, I have lost data when the Quicken Premier 2014 "freezes". That is not what I expected from Intuit. To make matters worse, attempting to contact Intuit in a timely manner is impossible. I have experienced "HOLD" times over one (1) hour before I ended the call in frustration. When I have reached a "representative", I have had difficulty understanding them because they are not fluent in English. Additionally, MANY calls have resulted in attaining poorer results and inferior performance of the program. I would have recommended Quicken in the past, but I, truthfully, seek a more effective and efficient program in the future. PLEASE BEWARE! The Quicken Premier 2014 does not compare to earlier editions. I would have rated the DOWNLOAD with one (1) star, but I have learned "to make lemonade out of this lemon" and have adapted to a disappointing purchase.

  • minimaxine - Not sure

    I ordered then found out you have to take six a day so the bottle only lasted 20 days so I don't know what they do. The caplets are HUGE and you are instructed to take 3 twice a day on an empty stomach. I am sure this is because of the size of the caplets! They fill your stomach. I am devout about taking vitamins and minerals, but these are quite expensive for something which you don't see or feel any result.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Read

    After a client pays Darren to defend him on a few minor charges (and signs a contract), he reveals a far more sinister crime. Realizing where this could lead, Darren destroys the contract and tries to return the money. The client insists he keep the money, leaving Darren with a horrible secret to hide. In desperation, Darren makes a few off-the-cuff remarks about killing his client. When the client is found dead (and Darren nearby), he's arrested, tried, and convicted.