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  • Keith Dworak - Early Access reviewer, experienced gamer, very pleased with Dice's new Battlefield!

    I started playing this 2 days ago and have around 8 hours in on the PC. I joined Origin's access program in order to play the trial to decide if I wanted to shell out the money for this as it has been a LONG time since I paid full price for a video game.

  • Vic Watford - Quiet and smooth!

    After reading the reviews here, I went to Home Depot this morning and bought the Compact. I planned to install it myself, and did not buy any extras. I could always run back to the store if I needed. The hardest part of the entire installation was getting the old disposal out. I think it was the original installed by the builder 20 years ago. Once I got the old one out, the rest was a breeze. The instructions covered everything well enough that I had no problems, inspite of my wife's questions about whether or not I had ever done something like this before. I did not have to move or replace any plumbing. I did need my wife to push down on the sink collar while I attached the rings underneath. Everything went together well, no leaks. I even took the tension clamp off the old one and used to secure the power cord coming from the wall.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work

    I had high expectations for this product because of the ratings but it didn't work. I cleared EVERYTHING out of the room too. I ended up getting a different brand spray and it worked great

  • Richard F. Lyon - Cheesy re-use of public-domain first edition of 1918 dressed up ...

    Cheesy re-use of public-domain first edition of 1918 dressed up as a new edition. Get the real one by Strunk and White.

  • Amazon Customer - but I still love the print and the size

    Mine came without the shoulder strap that was in the description, but I still love the print and the size!