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  • dominique - Not main stream or club music

    After hearing Born Sinners, I was anxious for this album.Its not the same as Born Sinners but overall I really like it.I think it has a bit of an old school style rap to it and I can listen to it 5 years from now and still feel the songs.His songs are realistic (telling a story)to me compared to what other artist rap about.I feel like if you can't relate to some of his stories in his songs or comprehend his lyrics, your not gonna like the album.So to each it's own.I like what he created, just wish there were more tracks.

  • Mrs Dogood - Jon Ronson has long been my favorite author and he does not disappoint with this follow ...

    Jon Ronson has long been my favorite author and he does not disappoint with this follow up to "Them: Adventures with Extremists." It contains his humor and his unique point of view. He can really draw some fascinating material from his subjects. His ability to connect with (sometimes absolutely loathsome) people and get them to open up makes for the best parts of his books. I hope he continues to write in his incredibly entertaining, thought-provoking and informative style for many years to come. I anxiously await every new work. I've also spoken to him during a book tour and he was a lovely person.

  • smith86 - Looks cool....lacks in quality.

    This product worked well for about 1 day. My jeep was steering a lot better, it honestly felt like it was handling like a racecar. Now when I turn I have this super loud annoying squeak, the front bracket keeps hitting my tie rod, and now I have death wobble.

  • Amazon Customer - HORRIBLE!!

    If I could have given it a negative 5 star rating I would have. To be fair to it I suffered(and I mean SUFFERED) through 12 minutes of this steaming pile of bullcrap, but I just couldn't take it anymore. It was all too painful. The atrocious acting, the ridiculous plot. Just, well, UGH. The worst movie, and I use that term loosely, that I've watched in a very long time, and I've watched some REALLY bad ones!