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  • darchand - Clever, but short

    A lot like a baby in a boardroom, this was rather clever and funny, but far too short. First Kindle single I bought, but I have free subscriptions that are longer and more engaging.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazed! Dont use flat iron anymore!

    I'm addicted to this hot brush and no need for flat iron anymore. Was very surprised at performance for such a small amount of money! Hope it continues to work. I WILL purchase another though if it stops working. So easy to use and frizz? None!

  • Richard Dryden - Rc car from keliwow

    Rear driveline fell out in 5 minutes of use. Had to take apart and fix it. Next day car would not go forward only reverse. Ordered module and replaced it to fix it. Ran o k for now. Car was lemon out of box. Needs more quality control

  • Sarah - Powerful means sometimes complicated.

    This software is powerful. When I say that, it's like saying Photoshop is powerful. There's a lot you can do with it, but it's easy to get caught up in the complexities.

  • MikeL - Best gutter guards every

    Best gutter guards every. Tried pretty much everything else. This is the only one that works. I could make a living installing this stuff. Get the wider option as the narrow one won't always reach under the shingles.

  • Nicholas Synodis - The thing I like most about Purple is that it -makes- you sleep ...

    The next frontier in bed technology, Purple provides exactly what you want out of a bed. I've had the bed for a little over a week now, and I've had what I would call "perfect" nights of sleep every night. By that, I mean that up until this point in my life, the sleep I've gotten this last week would have been considered 10/10, something I achieved maybe once a few years by sheer coincidence with other beds.