Surf Snowdonia - Bringing the WaveGarden surf lagoon to the UK. - The WaveGarden artificial wave lagoon is the perfect tool for learning to surf, getting up that wave count and furthering your skills.

  • Surf Courses | Surf Snowdonia - 3 hrs, on the same day, morning and afternoon Level1 & Level 2 3 hrs same day, morning (Level 4 & level 5) Ideal for anyone that wants to go on the
  • Crash and splash | Surf Snowdonia - Off Peak ADULT £10.00 Purchased with any Surf Product Wetsuit included. Peak ADULT £20.00 Purchased with any Surf Product Wetsuit included.

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    City: -0.1224 , United Kingdom

  • Gary S. - Does the Job

    Playing catch up here but the Norton 360 product works quite well in helping to defend one against the bad guys out there who try to ruin one's day!! A Trusted Product & Name in the Anti Virus war to protect one's information securely!!

  • J. Hulette - oil is genuine YL

    Not sure if you people who have left 1 star ordered from someone else but mine was Sold by: Hearthly Goodness. Now if i can figure this out i will be uploading pictures of the SEAL and bottle PLUS label to show it is REAL even the serial number stamped on the label is legit. It smells yummy, but I don't eat my oils as that is a waste of $ but i will be trying it in my diffuser soon.

  • G. S. McLaughlin - Lovin' the Bullet and lovin' the juices/smoothies...

    ON a recommendation from two friends, I bought the Nutri Bullet..been wanting to have a juicer, for years, and was always hesitant about which one, so never got one...anyway, I bought mine at Target $99.00, and I use it once or twice daily...I love it...For greens, I have used kale, swiss chard or baby spinach (my fave), and for nuts I go back and forth between raw cashews and almonds, and then I almost always use from papaya, pineapple, granny smith apples, celery, carrots,cucumber,melon, banana, strawberries..I always use organic coconut oil and either chia or flaxseed...i stock up and use different variations, but so far, it has been wonderful...for liquid i also use a little organic vanilla soymilk, and fill the rest with filtered water. ...For anyone who wants to go raw, this is def a great way to start..I have NOT tried frozen fruit, am getting everything as "fresh" as i can...YOU WILL THOROUGHLY ENJOY THE EASE of it, and the RESULTS...