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  • Thomas hagren - New parts were not in the budget at nearly 800 dollars so i sucked my resevoir out and topped it with lucas

    Years ago i had an 85 vette and the pump was noisy..the rack had a subtle drip..but the main problem was it had a dead spot nearly dead center and it felt gritty all the time. New parts were not in the budget at nearly 800 dollars so i sucked my resevoir out and topped it with lucas. Fired the engine and on the 2nd cycle around the pump went quiet and the steering got looser. 8 years and 55k miles later when i sold it..id never had to touch the PS system again.

  • valerie - Amazing stuff

    I have a cyst on my ovaries that causes me lots of pain the minute i drink some of this stuff the pain starts to go away this is a miracle pain cure and treatment for ovarian cysts i would highly recoomend to anyone struggleing with this issue

  • Audreypuppy - Finish held up for 2 years

    I used this product two years ago as a total painting novice, as my old blue tub was starting to get some minor chips, and I didn't have the budget for a new tub and surround. The products did work well and dried to a glossy finish, but it DID run. It could have been from my inexperience, I don't know. As another reviewer said it does give a VERY slick finish. Be sure to put down a bath mat or bath stickers in the bottom. Two years later I am just now starting to get my first small chips. I'm buying another kit to go over top and hoping that maybe I can level out some of the drips. I did find last time that when I did the second coat, it kind of "melted" and leveled the first coat, so maybe now that I am little more experienced I can get it evened out while I touch up the chips. Will update on whether it is successful!

  • Big AL - A GREAT Product at a GREAT Price!

    This was a spur of the moment gift for my girlfriend. She's into all manner of healthy eating and drinking and she absolutely LOVES the ' Sharpro Infuser Water Bottle.' I'm VERY impressed with Sharpro's Customer Satisfaction Team; Nath, in particular. He sent me an email with two very nice recipes for my girlfriend to try, which I'm sure she WILL!

  • Karleigh - Great product. Works very well and helps put good ...

    Great product. Works very well and helps put good bacteria back into the water, condition water and provides help to fish's slime coat. Great all in one product. Can buy this one product vs. multiple API products (Stress coat, Stress Zyme, and Water Conditioner).