Monoammium pho - Chengdu Coconut International Co., Ltd - Chengdu Coconut International Co., Ltd Chengdu Branch , was founded in 2003. We specialize in importing and exporting organic and inorganic chemicals, intermediate (medication, pesticide, dye, etc.), Phar-material, and so on.

  • Artemisinin - Chengdu Coconut International Co., Ltd - Name: Artemisinin Introduce: Appearance: White Or Almost White Crystalline Powder Appearance: White needle crystal Related Substances(HPLC) : Single maximum impurity <0.3% Total impurities: <0.5% ClarityThe turbidity should not exceed: That of 1 # standard solution Identification: Positive ...
  • Calcium hypochlorite - Chengdu Coconut International Co., Ltd - Calcium hypochlorite 65% Na method Content:65%min Water: 3%max CaCl2: 10% max Mesh: 60-160 mesh
  • DODECYL BENZENE SULFONIC ACID LABS - Chengdu Coconut International Co., Ltd - DODECYL BENZENE SULFONIC ACID Appearance:Brown Liquid Color(Kleet): 40 Max. Content of A.M.: 96.00% Min. Inorganic Acid: 1.50% Max. Free oil 2.0%: Max. Average molecular weight: 321+/ -4 Packing:210/ kg plastic drum 16.8mt in 20'FCL Packing:215/ kg plastic drum 17.2mt in 20'FCL
  • Dicyclohexylamine - Chengdu Coconut International Co., Ltd - Dicyclohexylamine Specification: Excellent Products Appearance: colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid, no visible impurity Hexamethylene imine should conform to the following standard: CYCLOHEXYLAMINE: 99.5%min CYCLOHEXANE: 0.2%max MOISTURE : 0.1%max Packing: 170kg/ barrel Loading: 80 ...
  • Cyclohexylamin - Chengdu Coconut International Co., Ltd - Cyclohexylamin Specification: Appearance: Colorless liquid Content: 99.8% Dicyclohexylamine: 0.01%max Aniline: 0.07%max Cyclohexane: 0.01%max Water: 0.08% Cyclohexane: 0.06%max Color: 20Hg Packing: 170kg/ barrel Loading: 80 drums in 20 FCL'S.
  • Composite Pyridine Quaternary Ammonium Salt - Chengdu Coconut International Co., Ltd - Composite Pyridine Quaternary Ammonium Salt 68909-18-2 200~220kg plastic barrel

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    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • F. Li - Very nifty product

    Initially I bought this to fix a few vinyl/plastic model figures that were purchased from a yard sale. One of my friends introduced me to this product and well, I was skeptical at first. But, this thing really does what it says. It does bond very well and cures well on almost everything I've tried it on so far (I've plugged leaks, made rubber grips on some plastic tools and various other things).

  • Living Large - nice

    This is a real nice treadmill and it works well. Sole seems to put out a well built piece of equipment.

  • rick - good build quality

    I cant pull in stations for nothing though. barely better than not having it. someone stole my stock one off of my '10 rav4 so I thought id try it. looks good and is a solid piece........ it just don't do its job. (kinda important, lol)

  • Jim Coronado - THIS WORKS!!!

    I have tried so many supplements for joint pain and nothing really helps BUT this DOES! Made a huge difference in chronic neck and shoulder pain and also seems to help with other arthritic type pain. A GREAT product! I will be taking daily.

  • ryan seunsom - just in time.

    External and internal tearing of "product" packaging. Box it was shipped in was fine oddly enough. Fortunately the loot was completely fine. Satisfied.

  • Jhunki - Good product but eyewear should be included

    I would have given this product, more than 3 stars, if they had included a pair of safety glasses or some kind of eye-wear because the laser light is literally blinding so you kinda lose track of where you started and how much gap to give. So I ended up going over some places more than once. Safety glasses are a must at all the laser hair removal clinics, I have gone to. Otherwise, this product worked quite well. It was virtually painless where I had shaved but stung a bit on the areas that had a bit of stubble.