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    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Brian Johnson - Great bag, perfect carry on size

    This bag seems pretty rugged and looks professional enough to take to work. My main purpose for purchasing this bag was to avoid checking luggage and to avoid having to gate-check a bag on the small regional jets. My small "carry on" sized pull suitcase would always get tagged for stowage beneath the plane at the gate so I looked for something a bit more compact.

  • JEV1A - Storm Proof

    I suppose I put this product to the Ultimate Test! Two days before Hurricane Matthew hit my area I applied Wipe New to the heavily oxidized exterior Black Rubber trim and bumpers etc. on my Vintage 328 BMW. It set for 24 Hours and then the Hurricane hit us! I do not have a garage so car remained in our open Carport under our large Sundeck. Car was battered all day and night by Palm Tree debris and small limbs from Oak Trees and unbelievable squalls of heavy rain. Finally after 2 days the cleanup began. I sprayed off the car with water and the trim looks very good.. much better than before. No streaks and a even coat with no cracks or any problems. FYI, the car is fine too.. When I use Wipe New next for my Beach Truck I will make sure the Weather won't be potentially catastrophic.. anyway, this stuff works, watch the video make sure and follow all the specific directions and its true.. a little goes along way.

  • JoeS - Could not get tech support to help through setting it up. Returned it.

    Returned it. Had we not purchased it through Amazon. We would not have been able to return it for full credit.

  • Lisa B - Missing pieces :/

    Didn't even come with a planchette. All that was in the sealed box was the board and the instructions.