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  • Leslie M. Jeffress - A good read with a few factual errors

    The book is a good read for the beach. I thought the use of "Richie Fels" as the name of a celebrated criminal defense attorney who in the main turned on his friend (Street) was a bit crass since there was such a person in Knoxville (Bob Ritchie) who was indeed a celebrated criminal defense lawyer. The name of his firm was Ritchie, Fels and Dillard. Mr. Ritchie died a few tears ago. The scenes indicating beatings by guards of inmates at the Blount and Knox county jails are are somewhat far fetched.

  • The Voice - Buy this book!!!

    I found this text to be excellent. My first encounter with Horn's writings and it has been awesome and exceptional accurate. I highly recamend his work and am so happy that I was introduced to this work by a friend. Everyone should add this text to your library. You will be happy to read this work.

  • Skier_1 - Odyssey Crossbars

    order arrived in just a few days. It took me about 45 minutes to install and it was easy. The product seems very sturdy. Trickiest part is popping off the end rails so you install the holders, but it wasn't too bad. Very pleased.

  • NAVASARD AZARYAN - Its on the ear but comfortable compared to other on the ear headsets

    The sound quality is clear. It uses 7.1 sound. Its on the ear but comfortable compared to other on the ear headsets. The mic quality is alright very sensitive. It has cancelling noise funtion.

  • Kayla - small bottle- good product

    I recently ordered and received the vitamin C Facial Cleanser. The product arrived on time, and the product itself was not damaged the box that the product was in however was very beat up. That was fine though because the product was fine. When I first saw the bottle i was shocked. I know that it CLEARLY says 4 ounces but when I saw the bottle it looked extremely small. The bottle comes tightly wrapped in plastic to keep the pump from opening up. When I did go to open the pump I did not have any problem with it. Whenever I think vitamin C for some reason I think of oranges. I was kind of thinking this was going to smell like oranges, but it did not. It really did not have a scent to it. I kind of just smelled like soap. This is a good thing to me, because I have the worlds most sensitive skin so I was very nervous to use it. I have used it a couple of times and it does seem to clean you skin pretty well. I leave you skin feeling a little tight but that goes away. I does not take much of this product to clean your face so even though the bottle is very small it should last a good amount of time. The original price of the product was a little high I thought, but I have never been one who is much into beauty products so this could be in normal price range and I just would not know. I would recommend this product though to someone who is looking for a vitamin face wash. I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, this had no effect on how I reviewed this product.

  • L. Franklin - Awesome PQ. I don't have words to properly articulate how impressed am with this TV.

    Where to begin? I wanted a TV for my home office, and decided 32" was the perfect size. I also wanted a quality TV, with a great picture, but without the smart features. Initially, the focus of my research was on Samsung, and thanks to helpful reviews here on Amazon, I discovered the "panel lottery". Apparently, Samsung, and many other manufacturers, use LCD panels from various third-party companies, as well as their own. What this boils down to is unpredictable picture quality. For example, if I had went with a Samsung TV, despite all being the same model, I might've ended up with a great picture quality, or mediocre picture quality depending upon who made the panel! So that automatically removed Samsung from my consideration.