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Texas Allergy Experts home page - Allergy and pediatric allergy serving Fort Worth, Benbrook, Cleburne, Burleson, Arlington with expert advice on asthma, allergy, urticaria, sinus disease. Our policy is cost cost conscience, patioent oriented with a goal of helping people to learn management skills to treat themselves and become independent. We like to use fewest medications, especially steroids, at lowest dose , for the shortest perioids of time.

  • http://texasallergyexperts.com/rush.html Texas Allergy Experts rush - Allergy vaccination starts very slowly wit very small doses of allergens. RUSH is a way to skip through most of the first 3-6 months of immunization and reduce your total time on shots. It also makes the entire process less expensive and more convenient.
  • http://texasallergyexperts.com/cough.html Texas Allergy Experts cough - there or four or five top reasons for chronic cough- infection, smoking, asthma, reflux (GERD) and infections. There is a way to get to the root of this life changing problem
  • http://texasallergyexperts.com/polyps.html Texas Allergy Experts polyps - nasal polyps are one of the most severe complications of allergy. Found more often in allergic people, it may have other causes such as aspirin - although strangely enough, it can be treated with high dose aspirin. A serious complain because if leads to surgeries - sometimes multiple surgeries.
  • http://texasallergyexperts.com/LUNG.html Texas Allergy Experts LUNG - two major types of lung problems - asthma and COPD. Many doctors feel that poorly treated asthma may turn into COPD
  • http://texasallergyexperts.com/allergydifferential.html Texas Allergy Experts allergydifferential - There are three basic ways to manage allergy - by avoidance, medications, or some form of immunization. This is an attempt to styart the process of differentiation
  • http://texasallergyexperts.com/Immunizationoptions.html Texas Allergy Experts Immunization options - there are currently two ways of vaccination, oral and by injections. Europeans think the oral is the way to go - americans are a little skeptical, but there are several new prodcuts which have FDA approval

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    I bought this product to give me energy and lose body fat as I go to the gym but the first day I took it I got dizzy and felt like passing out while I was at the gym. And the second day as I took it before breakfast as It says 15 minutes before each main meal with in 30 minutes my face was completely red numb and tingly and I couldn't breath I went right to me knees. When I called my sister that's an RN she checked my blood pressure and said it went through the roof and it could've been worse. Now I'm only 22 years old with no medical problems so for this to happen I decided it's not a product for everyone and the dosage they tell you to take per day is really high

  • Paula Ashley - The timing stinks!

    I ordered this at the same time as Brunner & Suddarth from a different seller and this book took 9 days longer to reach me! It is a much smaller book so I assumed it would arrive first, I was mistaken. The advertisement was dead on it is in great shape but it came AFTER I finished my clinical rotation.I am not sure if I would buy from this seller again unless I had unlimited time to wait.

  • Doyle - The consistency is very nice, it glides on my skin evenly and smoothly

    I was using Rx retin A regularly, it was my cure all for adult acne and ant aging, but the price jumped 200%! I needed a solution I could afford and decided to try RETIN. I am loving it so far and have even convinced my husband to use it. The consistency is very nice, it glides on my skin evenly and smoothly, I see a glow to my skin without the usual drying and flaking that retin a brings and the packaging is nice (you can screw off the cap to get to remaining product which increases usage and value!).