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Texas Youth Livestock and Agriculture - Educational resources for Texas educators, volunteers, 4-H and FFA families and others interested in youth livestock projects and agricultural advocacy.

  • http://texasyouthlivestock.com/heifer-validation/ Heifer Validation - This year is the first year that any state will be participating in heifer validation. We are proud to step out and lead in this vital program.
  • http://texasyouthlivestock.com/beef-cattle/ 4-H and FFA Beef Cattle Resources in Texas - Here are some great resources for both Texas 4-H and FFA on showing cattle. The 4-H and FFA Beef project is a way young people learn life skills.
  • http://texasyouthlivestock.com/goat/ Texas 4-H Goat Resources - Here are all the resources you will need for Texas 4-H or FFA Goat Project. Selection, Maintenance, and Show Prep to name a few.
  • http://texasyouthlivestock.com/sheep/ Sheep Project Resources Texas 4-H - The Sheep project in both 4-H and FFA offer a great way to develop critical life skills and this page is full of the resources to help you show.
  • http://texasyouthlivestock.com/swine/ Swine Project Texas 4-H - The swine project is a great way to get involved with Agriculture. Swine are some of the smartest animals on the planet. Here are some helpful resources.
  • http://texasyouthlivestock.com/equine/ Equine/ Horse Project Texas 4-H - The Equine project is a great way to gain confidence and get in shape. We are compiling some of the best resources for the Horse project.
  • http://texasyouthlivestock.com/why-quality-counts-counts/ Why Quality Counts – “COUNTS” - Questions such as: Is this really needed? Why do we need this? Shouldn't we already know and practice these aspects of the Quality Counts curriculum?
  • http://texasyouthlivestock.com/thank-a-judge-because-very-few-will/ Thank a Judge (Because Very Few Will) - As we begin major livestock show season, we want to take the time to visit a topic not commonly addressed… the judge.

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