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  • Mule Farm - WOW WOW WOW WOW

    I have a small (inexpensive) elevator in my home. For 15 years, I applied a pound of Lithium grease when it squeaked once every 1-2 years and it worked great. This year, it started squealing ( my hypothesis is this awful winter was cold enough to contract the metal surfaces even worse than usual) and I put 5 lbs of grease on it without results. I tried Silicone Spray. Nope. I tried graphite spray...nope. I tried spray on Lithium grease, nope. I tried WD 40 ---(about half a gallon) with limited success that failed in 2 days. I called an elevator guy who suggest this stuff---So I ordered it and used it and it was has been months since I used it and I think I am in love ! This is THE best ! Unbelievable ! SIGN ME UP ! I do NOT know what these guys put in the can but it is MAGICAL ! If you have a squeak you want gone or something that needs lubing, just get you a can of it and try it. UNREAL !

  • 81 T-Bird - Very easy to set up & already noticed how sharp the ...

    TV #J322--Just purchased this TV July 13th 2014. Very easy to set up & already noticed how sharp the picture is. We bought

  • B. S. - Great prep book; has everything anyone could ever need

    Like most people taking the GRE, I assumed it was just like the SAT, so those little tips and tricks I had learned in high school would be more than sufficient for my GRE taking. Unfortunately, I was completely wrong about that, and upon realizing that quite early on (fortunately!) I quickly bought this book.

  • Patricia M. - Good for the most part.

    Nice detail on a brooch, except that the point end was slightly bent. I'm not sure if it's only mine, or if anyone else had this issue.

  • El Chupacabra - Convenient and Seems to Work

    I mean, I've never gone spelunking in my septic tank, so I assume this stuff works. Never had a problem with the septic tank either, so it must be doing what it says. Convenient to use, just put it in your toilet and flush it down once a month.

  • Jeff Parsons - VERY FRUSTRATED!!

    There is a place for the sprayer on the bottle itself. But without one included with the order, I guess I'll have to pour it on my spiders!! I've used this product before and it works well. I'll order again and hope this package has a sprayer attached (and I'll keep it so I'll always have one...just in case). Miss Muffet's shipping department needs to be a little more alert!

  • ms60 - Waste of money

    Waste of money. I have the previous edition - it is not only useless but downright irritating. The descriptions are ludicrous, the organization appalling (even given the Lonley Planet approach).