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  • The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines Stray from Scientific Recommendations: Are Soft on Red Meat and Soda | Dr. Gerry Mullin, The Food MD - Food politics drive the Dietary Guidelines 2015-2020. Red meat and sugary sodas prevail. Big food lobbying efforts pay off. Eggs and coffee OK, Less sugar.

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  • SM635 - OLD maps

    just got this to replace outdated, discontinued Microsoft Streets and Trips which I use daily for work. 1st it's way more cumbersome for route planning than S&T, but I could get used to that if it worked well. Unfortunately, I mostly bought it because I drive to new areas of the city and constantly need updated maps. the maps in this brand new 2015 version are older than those in my "outdated" 2013 S&T. this was a complete waste of money. I emailed DeLorme, they said 'sorry'.

  • magpie - worth trying

    Purchased the oral rinse and the small size of the tooth paste and accelerator. Surprised at how small the tubes of dentifrice are for the $18 price. Just began using, Not a whole lot of whitening noticed, but will finish the product at hand and re-evaluate if I will re-purchase more.

  • Derrick Foreman - Cb-1 is the truth

    Hello my name is Derrick Foreman and Cb1 is the TRUTH! Before Cb1 I was weighing 160 a college football player and track runner. Playing football in college that small was for the birds, so I tried GNC products and went to the Health Food store and nothing worked. So I look up weight gainer on line and Cb1 popped up somthing that I had never heard before so I was skeptical about it at first, but after reading the reviews I tried it. (WOW) did it work I went from 160 to 187 in 2 months it was a solid gain. (The ladies definitely started looking more) It didn't give me gas or make me feel bloated im very pleased with CB1. Its all natural and it gives you a bigger appetite you have nothing to lose.(Don't knock it till you try it)

  • J. Gupton - Major benefits with minimal cost.

    I used to regularly go to an aesthetician for my problematic skin but discontinued much of the products and services due to cost/time/life in general. One of the serums that I always saw results with was Retinol. There is a reason it is highly recommended across the board. When I was offered to test this product at a discount I jumped at the chance.

  • Shannon Lawson - Don't even bother with it

    If I could offer -5 stars I would. The product was offered as a tag-along with my very expensive computer purchase from Best Buy. The keycode on the back of the case would not work to install the software. The customer service chat agent was immediately rude and unpleasant. I will stick with the free versions, thanks for nothing Webroot.

  • Robert L Jones Jr - Best poolside model yet

    It fits perfectly into the arms of the T-Rex fossil I just brought home from China. It's like YOU KNEW, Samsung. Thank you.

  • Kyle - Love

    I love Heart. Powerful voice and lyrics, strong emotion. Rocking out in the car to this is so much fun.