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  • Richard - Very happy, fit perfect

    Purchased before I purchased the side windows. Fit perfect. Then purchased the sides. All front windows are covered on our motor home. I don't need the curtains.

  • Th3 H3at - MasterBrain

    I work for The Department of Homland Security with a schedule of 2am-12pm Saturday-Wednesday. There are many mornings when I struggle to wake up and gain my focus that early. I always have to be on my toes and very mentally prepared. This product has done that and more. As you can imagine being in bed by 7 pm and up for work at 2 am doesn't leave you with the best attitude and master brain has helped in that department also. This product is definitely revolutionary!!!

  • Silver - It's ok

    When I select a customer, I have to use the mouse rathan than the enter keystroke to bring up the customer from the customer list.

  • Diane Pizzo - Good source of energy

    I like the product and I got it in one day ....yea...but it vame in 2 boxes for which I paid extra postage and that was unnecessary

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome features!

    I've been using Family Tree Maker for years and it has always been a good program. This latest version doesn't disappoint. The multiple panes let you see all the pertinent information on an individual at once. You can standardize the view to a certain extent. I love the maps feature. I like being able to visually see where ancestors lived. You can see all the people and facts pertaining to a particular place. You can also use the maps to see the location of churches, libraries, hospitals, courts, and cemeteries in the area. Of course the cemeteries would be the big public ones. Small family ones wouldn't show up. (Some of these features may have been in v2009. I upgraded from 2009 to 2011, but I never used 2009 much due to lack of time.) The source templates are going to be helpful as I try to document my sources and straighten out the ones I didn't do very well. The standardized Place names are a good added feature too. You can easily standardize all your place names using a "wizard" that resolves them all to the standard (or not, you get to choose.)