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  • Michele Warren - I am not sure how I feel about these, ...

    I am not sure how I feel about these, the first day I took them I noticed a huge difference in my supply was able to pump a whole bottle, then the next day doing the same pumping and breastfeeding all day I only pumped a ounce all day!!! I also noticed my baby and myself to be more gassy. I will continue to take them but don't know if I would buy another bottle. I have only been taking this for three days so will update after taking the whole bottle!

  • Cheryl - The Best Tasting Food

    I can't say enough good things about this NuWave Oven. Everything I have cooked in it really did come out juicy, browned perfectly and the taste is so delicious! The first time I used it was a whole chicken. Tasted better than any restaurant I've eaten at and I do mean, 'better.' The big test for me was the next day when I put a very thick ribeye steak in. I thought to myself, 'if this steak does not come out juicy and tender, the oven is getting returned.' We eat a lot of steak and a great steak was important to me. I was thrilled when the steak was done. That was the most tender and delicious steak I have ever had. I have made sandwiches, meals, snacks and on and on with this oven and I have not been disappointed. It takes a bit of learning how to cook the food but it is easy to use and it comes with a video and a great 'how-to' book. I have tried several of the recipes in the book they sent and again, I can't say enough good things about these recipes. They are so delicious! As long as you use tin foil on the racks and bottom, the clean is no problem.

  • Linda L. Pence - Don't buy it.

    I have been using Intuit's Quickbooks since the mid 1990's for both for our retail business and for a manufacturing business. At first I loved Quickbooks. Easy to use, easy to set up, easy to learn.

  • Myron Rigsby - Rip off

    Supposed to be a game for a PC, but playing requires knowing numerous key strokes that are not explained or laid out. Tried first tutorial. Had to keep trying random key strokes trying to make program advance; no logic to how keystrokes worked. Gave up in utter frustration. Cannot return; cannot play. Rip off.

  • Skot - Great gear oil

    Needed some hypoid great oil for my honda shadow. Even though the manual states to only use honda products, who always uses oem stuff? I've had it in for a few thousand miles and have had no issues. I did do some research and others recommended some other brands also, but this was reasonably priced and I have used other mobile 1 products with great results.