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  • Shyamli Narang - Fabulous

    Combined with the conditioner, this shampoo not only cleans but it definitely helps promote hair growth. It didn't happen overnight, but after about 2 months of using this shampoo I really noticed a difference.

  • Bethann Dotson - One of the Best Things for Tummy Time

    This is wonderful. I just inflated the border, filled the mat with tap water (not too full so there is plenty of room for movement) and sealed it with the plug. I put my grandbaby on his tummy and the enjoyment for both of us began. He laughed as he tried to push and grab the fish and stars that float around in the mat. I feel he was being stimulated, and challenged. There are a lot of colors and every time he moved it created fun and excitement for both of us. It's easy to clean, if anything gets on it, and it's easy to store, (just let the water out) and fold it. .It is great visual and tactile stimulation. It says it is for babies 6 months and up but my grandson is only 2 months old and I put him on a boppy pillow and as will all babies he moves his hands and arms about. When it inadvertently hits the mat he watches the fish move about. I never leave him alone while he is using it. I recommend this for anyone with a baby around, I will be purchasing more as gifts. Everyone who has seen it loves it. I received a discount for my unbiased review.

  • Regina Campbell - This product is Incredible!

    This stuff is amazing! If you are looking for something to get up stubborn stains this is it! I had some stains in the carpet made by our dog. She had chewed up an eyeliner pencil and got it all over. Needless to say ground in black eyeliner pencil in the carpet stands out. Especially on a beige carpet. I purchased this product based on the look of the bottle, it simply says "Kids and Pets", I had no other recommendation. I sprayed it on the stains, waited 10 mins as directed and used a cloth with very little elbow grease and the stain lifted immediately! I was immediately impressed. I had to leave a review because I have never used a product with so little advertising to work so quickly. After today's experience I have to say I will be a loyal user. I hope this helps convince you to use this product as well!

  • S. Rossiter - You Will Want To Own This Book

    Every potter and vessel maker, every student and teacher of ceramics, every person interested in ceramics should read CERAMICS by Philip Rawson. In fact, you will want to own a copy of this book so you can re-read it and loan it to other people. (I received no compensation for that statement.) CERAMICS is an exceptional source for expanding your knowledge of and vocabulary for critically viewing, appreciating, discussing, and writing about ceramics.

  • jimi - ... a year and a half and it is the best exercise device coach

    I have been using Moov over a year and a half and it is the best exercise device coach. I am 61 years young and have seen myself improve in all areas using Moov. The exercises are challenging and the coaching motivating. I love my "coach" and I appreciate the guidance given during my exercises. I have 2 Moov Now for boxing. By the way, it also monitors your sleep. If you want to get fit and stay fit and healthy, get this device.