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  • Ashley M. - Love that this cream is organic

    Love that this cream is organic. I have had a very itchy belly in the 3rd trimester and this has helped a lot and is so moisturizing. I would buy this again.

  • Mimi - NOT concentrated, not many exfoliating beads in this one.

    I have bought & used this product a few times over the years. Years ago this had concentrated scrubbers in it but now does NOT. To me a total waste of the intention. I want an exfoliator tht has a very concentrated amount of scrubbers to do the job with less. More cost effective & less work for me that way. I have bought & used MANY over the years. My skin is not sensitive so Im lucky that way. I really like Olay microbermabrasion in the little tub for exfoliating because its super concentrated. Overpriced though. I have found myself buying a few different scrubs that dont work well but I dont want to waste them so I am adding microderm crystals to make my own for much cheaper. I buy them here from Amazon it makes things much more cost efficient & really does the job. I also use Gly acid & a few other chemicle peels 1x per week during the winter for more maintenance on my skin as the years pass. I still get my ID checked at 38 so something must be working! Im a believer in starting young for skin preventitive maintenance. Always use sunscreen too ;-). If anyone knows of any really good concentrated microderm, exfoliator, polish then reply post it please!!! Happy scrubbing!

  • D. Miller - Works well and is a good value!

    First one I ordered was D.O.A. but the company has a good return policy. I got a full refund. Decided to give it another try. New camera pen works great!

  • gogo - Im in love

    I just received it and its really gorgeous but unfortunately it came without grantee, so if any thing happen i cant repar it withou it, otherwise i really loved it

  • Sandrine - good product

    Husband is very pleased. He likes the fact that it can hold his key, alarm, and ID when he goes to the beach by himself. He doesn't have to look for a hiding spot for it. He likes that there's a cap to cover the combination to keep is safe from the elements.

  • beesting - Plodding along to the finish

    I usually devour Sandford' s books. This one I am slowly trudging through. Don't know if it is just me or the subject but having a hard time with this one.