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  • Chapstick Addict - I like that it's not petroleum based

    I have a mild deviated septum. I've been using this stuff every night for two winters now and I find it to relieve my very dry nasal passages. Growing up, I suffered chronic nosebleeds and into adulthood, the inside of my nose will get so dry at night that it will get raw abs scabby. This has solved the problem for me. It can be runny coming out of the tube so it's crucial to be careful there. The smell is not nonexistent but not unpleasant; it is neutral and I'm sleeping anyway so who cares as long as it works. I like that it's not petroleum based.

  • Eric Shaw - Helped me make millions in sandpaper!!

    Wow! without this text I would still be just another poor sucker trying to get rich off PLASTIC toilet seats! Whew, that was a close one!! This book was number 2 on my reading list but something told me it was actually number 1! I gladly forked over the paltry sum requested for this tome and began to read. As I read I realized that the real money was going to be in wood toilet seat maintenance! The Chinese hate splinters just as much as anyone else! Now I have a chain of 300 shops across China selling sandpaper to millions (soon to be billions) of greatful customers. I have been told that my product has even been used in the forbidden city. Talk about product placement!!

  • Ryan Reynolds - Great tasting tea!

    This tea tastes really good and in addition to tasting good it is also seem to make me shed a couple of pounds in the couple of months that I've had it. Well I won't say that it's made me miraculously lose 50 pounds or anything, just replacing this drink with the soda I used to drink, has dramatically improved my lack of weight gain, but also has also helped in losing 3 pounds as well. I recommend this for anybody that needs to lose a little bit of weight but not sacrifice the taste of a good drink

  • From the 808 - Recommended for all tatts

    Fast delivery .. Great product! Was recommended by a local tattoo shop so I had to get it, glad I did! Keeps my new ink nice and vibrant. Thanks!!