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  • mikado48 - the incline adjusts very easily and along a curve (not specific settings)

    Yes, these are pricey, but they are SO WORTH IT! One of the few swing designs that plugs in so you don't have to worry about batteries dying. It's quiet, smooth, and has been perfectly reliable for us. The design is very stable, the incline adjusts very easily and along a curve (not specific settings), so you really can fine-tune the setting.

  • J. Bruner - Great product that works as advertised.

    This stopped a main oil seal leak in a Chevrolet 3.1 liter V6 motor. I added it to an oil change and the main seal leak stopped leaking after several days of driving. AT-205 only works on undamaged seals. It does not fix mechanical defects like tears, splits or physical deformities in the seal(s).

  • Amazon Customer - My girls love this game

    My girls love this game. You can play and dowload music by the internet. There some free and other you can pay for it by credit card o coins wen you win in the game.

  • Bonnie - Love our Clek!

    In terms of safety, we feel that this is the Rolls Royce of all car seats. It's very solid, durable, and secure. It took longer to install than our previous car seat, but it wasn't difficult to do by any means. My only complaints are, that at the price that you pay, it should have better shoulder straps and have an included cup holder. The shoulder straps are quite small and the Velcro scratches my daughter's skin. I would also love it if the seat cover was machine washable.

  • Trisha Webb - Mmmmmmm Smells good!

    This smells SO GOOD. It's got more of a tropical smell than a straight up coconut one, which I really liked because sometimes coconut can get REALLY over powering, especially if it's synthetic. This stuff isn't really strong smelling, it's just a nice light fragrance, though I wouldn't advise trying to wear a perfume with it, not unless you got something that suits it. Otherwise it's going to clash and not in a good way. I would just advise to go without and let the natural scent from this stuff be your go to. I noticed several of my guy friends asking what I was wearing because it smelled delicious, so ladies, it works.