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  • xnailsx - VERY inconsistent product

    I have purchased this from the same store over and over and several times the wash and/or lotion will be a different texture, color, and consistency than it normally is. I have called to complain before since this different mix is not as effective or sometimes causes worse results (skin burns, dry skin, etc). I was told they are constantly tweaking their product to see what people like best. I told them they need to do research studies then instead of changing an already released product every now and again. If it's selling then obviously people like it. It happened several times after and now their site says the reason is b/c they use two different factories and sometimes the settings are a little off. You'd think that being this big of a company they would 1)-Have their stories straight; and 2)-KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING. Do they not have any kind of quality control at all? Understand the ONLY reason I use this product is b/c it does work and is readily available at most stores, but if Proactive were available at the same places for the same price or close to it I would switch in a heartbeat. It does work, but not without frustrations.

  • Brooks - Great for quick day to day "dusting"

    I use it daily to pick up dust and animal hair, it works great........it does not get in the corners or under the cabinets, so a good sweeping is needed before you steam mop. I read that with the other reviews so I knew that was an issue, I am not upset, it was expected. The steam cleaner does leave streaks on the floor, so a polishing is necessary after steam cleaning. For the money, it does a good job, just don't expect to turn it on and with one swipe around the house, be swept, mopped, and look shiny and new, a few more steps are necessary. The cord is plenty long to follow me around my entire downstairs (1100 square feet) which is very nice. It is light weight, quiet, and easy to maneuver.

  • Justin Kelly - Looks great

    I'm not a cook, but I will probably try these in the future. I've always wanted to try food from the Harry Potter universe.

  • Andrew J. - Amazong Multiplayer

    From a gamer that's played only played COD previously, this one has a gridlock on my attention, & blows Battlefield 4 out of the water.

  • S. King - Terrible Edition

    The board is too tactile for the planchet to move easily on it. The batteries in the planchet also weigh it down. Just terrible reimagining of something that used to work just fine.

  • QUIZ KID - Works just fine for me

    I read all the star ratings for this machine. It has more than a few negative ones but for the price I gave it a

  • emily koo - Payroll

    The payroll only limit to 3 employees, I had to pay $150 extra to Quickbooks to change to unlimited employees