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  • BonanzaGal - They light up the area very well!

    I put these up to create a path for when I need to go feed my horse in the early morning hours. It is kind of hard to hang onto a flashlight and try to grab a flake of hay at the same time. These work great! I don't have to worry about stringing cords everywhere or always changing the battery. Less hassle. I am going to get more to light up other areas as well. I did receive this product to use and test and then write a review. I have to say I will write an honest review for a product as I read other peoples reviews to determine if I should buy a particular product or not.

  • mceeh - Best pot I've ever owned!

    I wasn't going to bother writing a review but then realized it was because of the 52 reviews on this site that I ended up purchasing the French oven. So I had to come back and add my own! The reviews were spot on. This is by far the greatest piece of kitchen cookware I've ever had the honor of owning! I've had it about 3 months now and I can honestly say it is worth every single penny I paid for it. It's incredibly energy efficient because once it heats up (which is really quick), I can turn the heat down to nearly the lowest setting on my stove. It braises beautifully and I love to make pot roast on the stove in it. In fact, I got rid of my big, bulky 6-qt slow cooker (crock pot). The French oven does the same job the slow cooker did except it uses less energy, takes up no counter space, cooks the food much, much better, and doesn't require an outlet. I haven't missed my slow cooker once and I used it all the time. The French oven isn't technically "non stick", but it sure behaves that way. I've yet to burn anything in it. And it cleans like a dream! I can honestly say, I don't see myself EVER giving this away. I plan on cooking in it for the next 40 years or so!

  • Love_Nice_ Things - These have great ingredients and I'm looking forward to adding them to ...

    These have great ingredients and I'm looking forward to adding them to my weight loss program. The pills are very easy to take and are a reasonable size. At this point I have not tried them for long enough to give a valid result on if they helped me to lose weight or not. I will have to try them for at least a couple of months. I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • tami - The best gadget I have ever bought for my baby

    I never write reviews except for things that I actually love, and this is a lifesaver!! DONOT REGRET BYING IT! My baby was in the hospital with pneumoniae and respiratory technitian had to suction their mucus, this reminds me of the same treatment, so now when baby gets sick and starts with mucus this actually is very useful, helpfull and I can see the extraction and does not hurt baby at all.

  • bellyofsteel - Very pleased

    Very pleased with package includes great rookies from the past. Very happy with card quality. Also very fair price