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  • Labboro - Not for sensitive skin, watery

    I loved this wash with my son and have repurchased several times. I did find however that it seemed to bother my daughters skin and irritate her ezcema. It is also very watery so it seems to be used faster than thicker washes.

  • Karen C - Might take a week to start peeling! Still amazing though!

    Love this product! For those reviewers who say it doesn't work, I wonder how long did you wait? For me, I don't really anticipate anything for almost a whole week. Then there's another 1-2 weeks after that where your feet look pretty gross... Like, can't go to yoga class gross. Also, I highly recommend following Gwin M's review instructions. An important note-- use PLAIN water to soak your feet. I've done it with bath bubbles/foot scrub before, and I didn't get as good of results. Also, don't make the water too hot. You want warm water to soak your feet in, but not difficultly hot water. The goal is to get that wrinkly, softened skin, at least for me.

  • Tim O'Donnell - I think it feels great. The strum bar didn't change much

    The frets are really soft, but not clicky. I think it feels great. The strum bar didn't change much, but for some reason it feels a lot better for bass in my opinion. Well, it did...

  • Nicagirl1976 - Great product! It is helping me control my midnight ...

    Great product! It is helping me control my midnight hunger and keeping me more in schedule. With diet and exercise you can expect to see results . No energy crash and no bad after taste. Works well for me before a workout. Nice to have a pill that is easy to swallow. Packaging is also very appealing, this will be my go-to fat burner from no on.

  • TamStar - Watch With Friends for a Great Laugh

    Oh my it's really really bad! But I couldn't stop laughing because it's not even insultingly bad, it's just laughably bad. This movie is great if you're with friends and you want a horrible movie to comment on during a get together. Think Mystery Science Theater commentary with friends. Don't watch this expecting it to be passably good or scary. Just take it for what it is, a very bad movie that will make you laugh.

  • Virginia M. Sanborn - My opinion

    I find this product worthless. It made absolutely NO difference in my appetite or metabolism. Just another worthless scam for overweight people desperate to try anything!

  • A. E. Dion - Transaction Checkbook Register

    Clearly lined and marked for all check register purposes, but spacing is slightly small and tight, and lacks a line at top of register for "carry-over" amount from previous page.