Tourette Syndrome - Now What? Tourette's syndrome information for the newly-diagnosed. - Information about the optimistic prognosis for those newly-diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, including many personal stories, definitions, and concepts for understanding Tourette's research.

  • Tourette's Syndrome Research Articles - A listing of research articles and other important articles about Tourette's syndrome.
  • Tourette's, David E. Comings M.D., The Gene Bomb, and Hope Press - Interpretations of the work of David Comings with respect to Tourette Syndrome and his book, The Gene Bomb.
  • Deep Brain Stimulation and Tourette's Syndrome - A description of the applicability of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) to Tourette's syndrome.

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    This is one great magazine that gives you the inside out of the most beautiful Automobiles created at their time. Beautiful photos and coverage on any style or price range of vehicle they cover. This was a Chtistmas to me a year ago and Im renewing to keep it going.

  • Research Hound - Written in 2009, information is no longer accurate

    I bought this book a year or two ago, when I found it cheaper elsewhere. In my excitement to living a healthier life and wanting to pass any valuable information along to my parents, who are older and have already dealt with some of the issues Shane described in his book, I enthusiastically joined his newsletter/blog posts and his facebook page. Given all of this information, the following is my opinion of Mr. Ellison and his book.

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    I bought the book, spring, 2013. I carefully picked 64 companies that might want my script. I sent 64 letters and e-mails. 14 were the wrong addresses. Four did not accept unsolicited queries. None of the others responded at all, even by simply checking a box on a stamped postcard and dropping it in the mail. It was a disappointing purchase, to say the least.

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    A total waste of money. Just like a bad movie, it's overly marketed and beautifully packaged to sell sell sell. Don't be fooled. I'm convinced that the 5 star givers here are paid for their reviews. We tried to get a refund, but were given the run-around so much that we went past the 30 days and then they refused on those grounds. We feel so stupid again after being taken in by a slick marketing scheme. No wonder that so many good people are forced to become such skeptics in this day and age. When raising your kids, use common-sense, discipline, attentivness and trust your own god given judgements. Turning off the TV is one of the best things you can do for ALL of your family. We don't even own one anymore. Yes, we got through it alive.

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    Ok let me start out by saying i give this four stars for what it is truely intended to do which is not lose weight. I think the way that this product is marketed is incorrect. If anyone actually reads into probiotics and what their true purpose is will realize it isn't really meant for weight loss. It's basically a glorified but safe diuretic and stool softener. I.e. it aides in digestion which normally helps your body have less bloating. Can you lose weight with it, sure. But it's not true body weight. It's things stuck in your body that haven't been released yet. It doesn't help you blast away fat or have any Thermogenic properties to actually boost weight loss. You could take ex-lax and a water pill everyday, you will have the same result but it's a lot harsher on your body. This is the safe way to make sure things are running smoothly inside. No more no less. If you stop taking it will you gain weight, yes, if your digestive tract isn't moving correctly.