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  • Alumni - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Our alumni program encourages enjoyment of life after addiction. To help you stay connected to your original recovery family, we host events throughout the year
  • Recovery Resources - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Successful recovery is an ongoing process that benefits from the support, guidance, and inspiration provided by organizations that promote an abstinence-based
  • Contact Us - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - To speak with our substance abuse counselors about treatment options tailored to meet your needs, call (727) 391-7001 or (877)566-1166
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  • About Us - drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida | Tranquil Shores - Tranquil Shores is a private drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida that is dedicated to providing unique and personal substance abuse therapy. Our focus
  • Our Value - Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center | Tranquil Shores - Tranquil Shores helps men and women from around the world overcome dependence on alcohol, illicit drugs, painkillers, and other prescription medications.
  • The Tranquil Shores Team (4 to 1, Client to Counselor Ratio) | Tranquil Shores - Tranquil Shores Staff Founder and CEO Medical Director Consulting Psychiatrists Program Director Clinical Director Counselors Executive Administrator Insurance
  • In The Community - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Tranquil Shores operates on a servant leadership model of management and encourages employees to volunteer their time and talents in the service of others.
  • Careers - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Careers at Tranquil Shores are both challenging and rewarding. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages. We are also an equal opportunity
  • Admissions - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - To speak with our substance abuse counselors about treatment options tailored to meet your needs, call (727) 391-7001 or (877) 566-1166
  • Adult Signs & Symptoms | Tranquil Shores - Family/Personal Evades family/friends Dwindles personal relationships Experiences general family chaos Breaks promises and
  • Virtual Tour - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Our goal at Tranquil Shores is to set the standard for quality care of men and women suffering from addictive diseases. By working together, you can Reclaim
  • What to Bring - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - What to Bring & Not Bring: Clothing, Money, Toiletries, Electronics, Contraband (Items which are not allowed)
  • Services - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Integrative Recovery Model, Therapy Driven, Group, Family Involvement, Individual Counseling, Outpatient Treatment
  • Our Program - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - The expert clinical team at Tranquil Shores rehab center utilizes various drug and alcohol abuse treatment techniques and processes specific to the overall
  • 4 to 1 Client to Counselor Ratio | Tranquil Shores - Tranquil Shores is proud to have a 4 to 1 client to counselor ratio. You’re not a number in a set of statistics, so it’s important that your individual needs
  • Specialty Services - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Tranquil Shores’ drug and alcohol detox center understands the unique struggles of athletes, musicians, and artists who have turned to harmful substances to
  • E-Therapy - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Using teleconferencing, our clients benefit from one-on-one therapy sessions with the same trusted counselors who helped them at our alcohol and drug abuse
  • Transitional Housing - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Our program includes a safe, sober living environment, weekly meetings with a personal recovery mentor, community support, and staff support from our licensed
  • Medical Detox - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Tranquil Shores honors your dignity by assisting with medical detox in a safe, relaxed environment and decreasing the discomfort commonly associated with
  • Professionals - Tranquil Shores | Tranquil Shores - Once the detoxification process is completed, our licensed substance abuse counselors help clients to better understand the nature of addiction and their unique

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  • Patricia - Nauseaa_aaaaa

    Went to GNC and tried this product off the employees recommendation. I defiantly feel a boost in energy. First day I took the two pills as recommended, but also had a cup of coffee and my 8oz. of green tea....yeah not a good idea, too much caffeine. Had the jitters and some nausea. Next day I just had a cup of coffee and took the two pills, didn't feel the jitters and had a ton of energy. Later that day I went to the gym as I normally do and did my run on the treadmill. Towards the end of my workout I felt like I was gonna puke, thought it was because I ate prior to working out which sometimes does that to me. Today I woke up took the two pills and about a half hour later went outside to run. Couldn't finish 3 miles and I kept having to stop and sit down from nausea and feeling like I was going to puke up my organs. I normally run 5 miles with a slow down in between. I had to stop my run at 3 and sit for an hour before the nausea went away. I'm going to have to have to try something else because the nausea is too much when I work out. The other things I noticed is it makes my nose run constantly leaving me constantly having to blow my nose. I also feel like even taking this early in the morning still leaves me having a hard time falling asleep as I normally would when you just close your eyes because you're really tired. I woke up several times during the night on this.

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