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  • SunnyK - Great all natural product!

    Purchased Emuaid because it is supposed to cure Lichen Planus & it seems to be working. Been using it for a couple weeks now & the itching has gone & my symptoms have lessened. I like that it is all natural. The first time I had an outbreak, I was sent to a specialist & prescribed a topical ointment that turned my skin snow white. I am very happy with the product & would definitely recommend it.

  • J. Thompson - If you're like me, you need a clean & clear view - this is the stuff.

    I use this on my car - mostly on the inside, with the occasional outside cleaning. I live in Las Vegas where the sun makes the heat of summer a real killer so dark tinted windows are crucial. This product is tint safe, so it won't make it peel, fade, etc. At night, there is no reflection from left over junk on the window. I grew up using Windex or other typical products with newspaper and got a great clean with no smudges, but at night you could still see imperfections. This stuff really is like "invisible glass."

  • G O Compton - Best book on the 2012 election cycle

    Despite already knowing the outcome of the election, Dan Balz's writing style and insider insights make this a gripping read. If you want to read one book on the 2012 election cycle, then this should top your list.

  • movie afficonado - Lucy and Desi, we will always love you!

    It is a great book and you will love I Love Lucy and the redhead who so brilliantly portrayed her. Lucille Ball was one fantastic woman. Wife, mother, actress and all around entertainer. I am sorry she had such unhappiness in her marriage to Desi Arnaz, who was a great entertainer and producer and inventive CEO of Desilu and brought such new series to a TV audience in the 1950's when we needed inventiveness and great comedy which included his wife.


    I've been ill all my life with asthma, sinusitis and eczema and five months ago quit my job because I was too sick to work. After 10 days on the diet my blood pressure has gone down, I'm losing weight and the 1st reason for reading it, I have lost 95% of my asthma and sinustis symptoms. I know I'm finally getting healthy and with far less money than I use to spend on doctors and perscriptions. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to get healthy again.