Review: - Triangle Street Eats | 3 Friends dine, drink and enjoy the . - View - Mar 06, 2015Restaurant Week in the Triangle is the opportunity for local restaurants to showcase their food and . Shaluka seemed eager to grant us at Triangle Street Eats, .

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  • Margaret - So clever!

    I'm extremely impressed with this Coozie. I'm a slow drinker so I usually end up wasting 1/4 of my drink each time as it gets too warm. Not anymore! It's very clever that they included a twist top lid to take off before you place your can in, then screw it back on once you insert the can, so that it holds your can in place and it doesn't spill all over you when you take a sip.

  • cpeak - Amazing!

    This is the absolute best purchase I have ever made for my jeep. We have a very harry St. Bernard and the hair stuck in the carpet was driving me crazy. This also lines the back side of the back seat and has a zipper for when you lay the back row down. The hair does not stick and vacuums up so easy, there are also covers to cover the wheel wells so those are protected also. I purchased mine from but felt that I needed to make a review because they are just THAT amazing!

  • Josh Maher - Best of Many

    There are many great books written about Exchange Server 2010 and there is a lot of great documentation from the product team. This book is a required read for anyone who wants to gain real world knowledge that will directly assist them with their Exchange Server 2010 implementation. Joel and Seigfried guide the reader through the best practices for implementing and operating Exchange Server 2010 with gotchas and a clear demmonstration of years of Exchange experience.

  • Amazon Customer - The waffle iron does not cook evenly at all - ...

    The waffle iron does not cook evenly at all - the rear 2 waffles tend to get burnt before the front 2 waffles are even cooked. Additionally, the waffles only get cooked from one side - so you get uneven cooking on each waffle as well.