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  • janet - Dry mouth help

    I have dry mouth and peridontial issues. This product helps to keep my mouth moist and definitely helps with the biofilm. I use it as a rinse and also add to my water pick water. It was recommended by my dentist.

  • anarch - x-small is perfect size and organization for microsoft surface pro tablet

    i've tried several different bags with the surface pro tablet, and so far, the timbuk2 classic messenger 2014 x-small is the best i've found.

  • J. Kawakami - Oil drips. Water faucet cartridge restoration.

    I've used this in my oil, and it worked pretty well. It took two applications, and maybe 1/3 of a bottle each time. The first time, the leak slowed. Then I did an oil change and added more a while after that. The dripping seems to have slowed a bit more.

  • Ana Stephens - Great software

    I needed an accounting software for a company out of USA so I did not needed the new Tax Tables on the new versions.

  • E. A. Nowak - Livestrong Bracelet Attached To Plastic Bag

    I've been using the Diva Cup for about a year. I figured I'd try theses because I was curious and they say you can have sex with the softcup in. So besides the leaking, I have had a horrible time getting it out. I think my main problem is that I'm used to bearing down to get out my Diva Cup that I figured the same rule applies with this softcup. IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT APPLY. Seriously it creates some sort of blood-cannon out of your vagina. I'm not particularly grossed out by blood, but when my entire hand was drenched with my fluids, I was horrified.