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  • Brandon - Bring a Smile to Your Kids Face

    The bunny came in and everything worked great. All the functionalities as described worked perfect. My one year old son loves Harry The Bunny and this put a huge smile on his face.

  • Gwen - The absolute BEST PRICE

    I have never seen this low price before. Usually I pay $10 for one 16-oz bottle of BreathRx and this is the same price for the economy size 33-ozs AND free shipping as a Prime Member. As a result, I ordered two bottles to use as refills in my bathrooms. Thank you Amazon!

  • Brooke M. Zielinski - best game on kindle

    It is fun and its also hard having to get all the money to upgrade my guns because you have to get all these upgrades to beat other harder levels.

  • J. Baker - Very comfortable mousepad.

    I'm using it right now. It's very comfortable to use, and my wrist feels a lot less tension than I would feel if I were using a regular mousepad instead. I use it with the short side under my wrist.

  • Don Schaaf - Great to have at fingertips no matter where you are.

    Great aid when sitting around court waiting. Allows you to study them without having to always remember to gra the hard copy.

  • From the mind of Bob - From the Mind of Bob

    It works, sometimes it takes multiple applications, but it works. But you should know =IT HURTS= while your are freezing off your wart you will experience intense bitter cold cold cold and it is painful. The whole time while I'm wincing in pain I think of how nice it will be for that wart to be gone, it makes it a little bit easier to hold that applicator on my wart for the needed time.

  • Cory Johnson - Great for my 47" TV and now my 65" TV.

    I bought this two years ago for my LG 47" TV and it has worked great. We recently decided to upgrade to a Sony 4K 65" TV and I was uncertain if this thing would be able to hold it. I wasn't concerned with the weight because the TV only weighs 50 lbs but I still had concerns because the description only says up to 55" TVs. So, I did what anybody in my situation would do: I sat my 6 year old boy (who weighs 50 lbs) on the outstretched arm of the mount. Lest anyone think I am a terrible parent, I was standing there with my hands under his arms in case the thing gave out. To my delight, the thing didn't even budge, so I decided I would take the gamble. My new 65" TV is holding up great thanks to this beauty. Highly recommended.