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  • Rip-Off! - This product will probably end up getting RECALLED!

    Got this for my dad. Stopped wearing it due to getting hives/blisters on the wrist. Later saw that the company was issuing a recall for the same reason. Went to their website but they are only acknowledging that the Fitbit Force is the only one with these issues. It's not. This one has the same issues affecting it as well. Buy at own risk. You'll probably get allergic reactions and it will end up in the designated abandoned electronics drawer in your house. Maybe at a later date this will end up getting recalled. If that isn't a good enough reason to avoid this, then I don't know what is.


    After a year the lens on my van are just as bad if not worse, while the original application looked good & improved the lens clarity it just does not hold up. I expected to get at least a few years benefit since the kit cost so much & takes a lot of effort to apply it.

  • Paul Scaff - It's a SCAM!!!

    I was hopeful that this would work for shoulder pain relief, but I will never know. It worked one time, then, poof!! Wouldn't even turn on. The reset button would reset... one flash of green light then nothing. A piece of junk. The worst part is they not only DO NOT refund shipping, but you get to pay to return it. So. you are out $40 just for shipping charges. Besides when you order from the TV ad, they try to sell you pills that they will charge every month. DO NOT EVEN TRY THIS PRODUCT. THEIR MARKETING TECHNIQUES ARE UNCONCIONABLE AND THEIR PRODUCT IS CHEAP TRASH!! It should be taken off the market and not allowed to be sold anywhere, ever!!