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University of Pennsylvania Health System | Penn Medicine - Penn Medicine is a world-renowned academic medical center in Philadelphia, with hospitals ranked top 10 in the nation and #1 in Philadelphia by US News & World Report.

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  • Joseph Ghann - Easy to use

    Great product! I am not a professional installer and was a little hesitant on ordering this to install can lights in my bar. It was very simple to figure out and my can lights look awesome!! I love the plastic case it comes in as well. It is great for storing this for a future use.

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  • Amanda - Excellent product

    This product has truly changed my life and I hope this review can help someone who is also struggling with anxiety. I had a baby last year and since have been experiencing moderate to severe anxiety daily. I didn't want to take prescription medication everyday and become dependent on it, plus do not want those chemicals/negative effects in my body. This product is truly wonderful. I take 1 tsp in the AM and 1 tsp before bed. Highly recommend - it's worth a try! Good luck.

  • Against the Wind - good for you

    You do not have to be with child to take a daily prenatal vitamin! I have frequently just looked for the best deal when shopping for a multi-vitamin that will give me the most bang for my buck. The good thing about Vita One is it has iron and folic acid and calcium all wrapped up into a great one shot pill you can incorporate into your daily routine and not feel too shabby about it. I was able to get this product at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review after giving it a try. It is a nice sized bottle and with all the special diets people are on in today's world sometimes you just do not get enough of the important things so you need to supplement. I think it is a good product at a great value.

  • Anne Merkel, Ph.D. - A must-have for cancer patients & care-givers.

    The info in this book can save your life! And, many MD's are sharing the same info for big $$$ and travel expenses. Get an intro here before going further!

  • G. Sarver - Skeptical at first...

    Okay, I was skeptical. What OTC concoction would boost mental clarity, promote agile thinking, render lucid dreams. However, I read an article in a magazine that talked about this and other products for mental acuity. (Note: I didn't know about the Joe Rogan promotion.) So I figured I would give it a chance. The first few times I didn't really notice a difference. However, about the 4 time taking it I noticed a marked difference in my focus and ability to free-think. On that day, I was a brainstorming dynamo. I came up with more ideas related to processes at work and innovative concepts to apply to them. When I mentioned it to a co-worker it dawned on me that I had take the Alpha Brain that morning. I gave four stars because I think it works and has done so for me. However, it doesn't seem to do so consistently. This may be related to my previous nights rest and/or my dietary intake the day before or that day.

  • R. Eye - Great size for snacking. I was born eating Cheez-Its so they are in locked into my brain cravings.

    I bought these on sale. I like to have snacks in individual sizes to discourage over-indulging particularly when I am a Cheez-It addict. I bought these for Halloween instead of candy for this year. I don't know if they are more healthy, however, but thought I'd not give out candy for a change.