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  • Jim C Boehmer - I don't understand the purpose of one side being dull and the other sharp

    The knife feels very small in my hand. The handle is very slim. I don't understand the purpose of one side being dull and the other sharp. The release is easy to operate even with gloves. I also wish the glass breaker was more pronounced.

  • Firecracker - Reduces the poof

    I have extremely thick, long and very curly hair. Think Rosanna Rosanna Danna or Twisted Sister, it's just crazy curly.

  • M. Hill - Not too bad for 15 years of service without needing the septic ...

    I can only assume this stuff works because I've used it ocassionally over the past 15 years and after recently digging up my septic tank, I was very surprised to see that all was well. Not too bad for 15 years of service without needing the septic tank drained. Thank you !

  • LizT - So glad I tried this.

    After years of fighting my toe fungus, my aunt recommended this treatment. Before this I had gone to the podiatrist where they offered me a prescription that might affect my liver or heart (no thanks, plus I was trying to get pregnant) and they ended up giving me a treatment nail polish that didn't work at all.

  • Amy K - Works as intended

    I tried my boyfriend's waterpik prior to purchasing this model, but I LOVED how much waterpiks tend to remove in between the teeth/gums. Granted, the two are different models, but this one functions in quite the same way. It is not as quiet as the description made it seem, in fact, it was actually quite noisy. However, it did the job it was intended to do, and I am SO excited to substitute this in for flossing. The tips included are awesome, and I cannot wait to put a use to them all (once I figure out what they do). I was a little confused with the things that we can use to put the other tips in, so I just ended up nixing that idea and threw them all into the other container haphazardly. :D

  • Jenn Smith - Great for all

    I originally got this for my 9 year old daughter but my 5 year old son took it over :) He has Autism and is addicted to Just Dance... This game has a lot of songs especially when you sign up for Just dance unlimited... You get a free trial for Just Dance Unlimited and then there is a fee to continue using it... If you don't keep the unlimited portion you will still be able to use the normal Just Dance 2016 but with unlimited you have access to a lot more songs...