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  • Quinn&Grace - Best investment!

    Great treadmill! Easy to set-up...I'm not engineer by any means, but set-up instructions are simple all of the tools you need to put it together are already included.

  • Caraloopy - Worth your time!

    I really enjoyed this. Interesting, well-presented, not forced or over-dramatic, and all along with likable people with a great sense of humor.

  • SC Garden Gnome - Kill my stomach.

    I think these tablets probably work very well but they tear my stomach up. I take them with food and water and for hours my stomach is so queasy feeling. I take one at a time and another at night and I just don't think I can take them any more. No matter what I do they make me feel so ill. I wish I could take them.

  • Cminnetta - Amazing Results - Better than Oxyelite Pro!

    I have been absolutely blown away by the results I've received from this product! I almost didn’t try it because I had a very disappointing experience with Ubervita W700 right before I tried this but was desperately in need of something to help me break through a weight loss plateau with which I’ve struggled for months. I had a lot of success with Oxyelite Pro a few years ago but that product is no longer available. When I searched for fat burners on Amazon Ubervita W700 was the first product to come up, it had great reviews so I decided to give it a shot. It did absolutely nothing for me, despite eating a clean ketogenic diet and working out faithfully - HIIT and weight training.

  • Davyd Ramirez - Not ust another text book

    I was tortured by ridiculously hard exams and a calculator that made we want to tear my hair out. But it wasn't the book's fault. I am going to school while I work so I don't have a lot of time to devote to a class. The book was well paced and not to wordy. It stressed reading comprehension and had many levels of financial problems for every type of reader. I purchased the study guide to understand the harder questions. It was a blessing on my open book tests. The text book comes with the answers (not solutions) in the appendix, but did have the solutions to the self-test questions. It also comes with a handy cheat sheet of equations for every chapter in the appendix as well.

  • Elizabeth Treiber - loved!!!!

    I just read this to my 2 daughters age 7 &4. They loved it! They think their dad might be a super hero, too. Let up the great work! Wee look forward to reading more!

  • Nick - Zeus is the to go

    Awesome amplifier! I am running two alpine type s subwoofers in a sealed enclosure and my trunk sounds like a bunch of people in the back knocking trying to get Make the purchase and be happy you did