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  • Jake B. - Here is whats good and bad with Streets and Trips

    I think that 3 stars is fair because some things are good and some things are poor with Streets and Trips. I'll go over the good and the bad that I've seen. As background, I am a field sales person, and I have 400 customers who are points on the map that I have to figure out who to visit everyday. I am a heavy map user - I've been using Streets and Trips for more than a decade, and I use MapPoint (Microsofts other map tool) for territory design (splitting up the territories between reps in the first place), and the Badger Map for building my daily schedule and organizing my territory.

  • Amazon Customer - DE seems to work for me

    I've been taking 2 heaping tablespoons a day for 2 months, 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM. The immediate effect I noticed was a reduction in acid reflux which I experienced on a regular basis. I was taking Zantac to combat this which was very effective in my case but since using DE I have not had to do this. I also experienced itchy skin, especially at night after I went to bed, mostly my lower legs, ankles and feet and it drove me crazy. I tried various lotions and Aveno Eczema lotion worked the best. Now within the last few weeks the itching has almost gone away and I have not had to use any lotion at all. I am beginning to become a believer in the stuff. For the indigestion it was almost immediate. For the itchy skin it took about 6 weeks. So give it time.

  • Chris S - Rent or Cable?

    It was either this or pay the rent this month. You can guess which one I chose. Now, my landlord comes over to watch TV and caress this cable and I charge HIM rent!! HAHAHAHAHA.

  • A. Kieft - The best purchase we ever made for our son.

    Seriously, this item is the single best thing we bought for our child. It works great for traveling, you never have to worry about having a place for your child to sit. Any restaurant, any countertop, any solid surface table, this chair works. It is always with us when we travel, works great for visiting relatives because it can attach to their dinner table or counter. At restaurants, you don't have to worry about having your child sit in a high-chair that hasn't been cleaned from the previous 10 kids all used without being cleaned and this chair is machine washable.