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  • Linda Ellis - I will never buy a Hearthware product again

    I bought the NuWave PIC especially to use in our RV. When it arrived, I tested it with my pots at home, and then packed it with the other items I was buying to outfit our new RV for full-time travel. I boiled water to make pasta once, and the second time I pulled it out, I got an E1 error message telling me that my pot was incompatible! Same pot I tested at home; same pot I used the first time; pot is magnetic, and has an induction symbol on the bottom.

  • Amazon Customer - Thus car is even better then my 2005 version with all the added tech ...

    Thus car is even better then my 2005 version with all the added tech features, but I feel like how it handles on turns has been compromised. I used to be able to hit a turn at 40 to 50 with no problem, but in this version I actually have to make sure I slow down to keep control of the car. But other then that it's a great vehicle.

  • Stace F Graham - Why do I bother upgrading?

    I upgrade every year hoping the application will improve categorizing, online updates, budgeting and loan calculation, but it never seems to get better. The program doesn't track investments very well and I constantly have to make adjustments to reconcile accounts. I still can't figure out how to create a mortgage account properly as the wizard always sets it up wrong. Perhaps it requires training. I loved Microsoft Money, but it's long gone. This is basically the only program out there, so I'm stuck with it. I think I'll upgrade less often.

  • Anonymous - Amazing, enlightening book

    Wow, what an amazing and timely book. Cathy O'Neil brings to light some dark realities, and she provides a reader with so much knowledge in a book that is a fascinating and quick read. Very eloquently written with amazingly helpful metaphors to make every reader understand these issues. This is NOT just a math/data book, this is a book that everyone can and should read!!