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  • Mary Weigel - The Best Tour Guide -- Rick Steves

    I love Rick Steves' travel books! They are packed with useful information, some humor and are very user-friendly. I highly recommend this guide if you're going to Rome! PLUS, he tells you how to download his FREE audio tours of the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, and many more must-see sites -- they are amazing!

  • T. Duda - I like the strategies better than Kaplan's

    I echo many peoples' sentiments in that I feel both the Princeton Review and Kaplan books are useful. Personally, I like how this book is written better than I do Kaplan's. I also like the strategies a little more. Both are good though. If you're not going to take the courses in person, then I would suggest getting both this text and Kaplan's. The more practice the better. One thing that I found interesting is that after combining Barron's, Kaplan's, and the Princeton review's top 250, top 200 (and top 400 found online after signing up for the online supplements), and top 450 (Hit Parade and beyond the hit parade)words, respectively, I came up with about 940 words. You would think that there would be more overlap; I guess not.

  • Lauren - An honest review

    Ok here is the scoop , its not gonna work as on TV I don't honestly know what will . But , its a real non stick well built pan . I baked cheese for no stick , veggies , fish , and burgers . The issue it has and why there may be so much negative feedback is eggs . A sunny side did stick moderately without butter or PAM but will slide nicely with a light spray . Scrambled an omelletes will do well too . I was dissapointed with the failure of the sunny side to fly off but I can live with it . Gonna keep it.

  • Phoebe B Beebe - Needs a new name!

    Dear Bic, thank you for this charming pen, although I do wish the ink were scented, perhaps like strawberries or lilacs or kittens.

  • E Randolph - Computer Concepts 2010

    Excellent book, well writtenm, easy to use. It's a great book for people who want to know more about a variety of computer topics.

  • Lane R. Hatcher - I will never buy another book of recipes on Kindle ...

    I will never buy another book of recipes on Kindle unless I can see at least the names of the recipes, and some idea of what kind of ingredients we're talking about. Even at a bookstore I can open the book and see a REAL preview. Kindle -- up the game by letting me see what I'm actually buying, and enough of the "first chapter" thing, that doesn't help me at all. Sorry, Alton, no go.