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  • Dr. Alfred Savio - Beware of extra payroll costs with Intuit.

    Intuit is always trying to get more money out of you. Even with the enhanced payroll, you still pay monthly.

  • Mahimahi - Nest Thermostat nearly destroyed my new AC equipment

    I am returning the Nest thermostat tomorrow because it is constantly powering the AC on and off every minute or two. It is apparently a problem with the trickle charge necessary for the thermostat's built-in battery. Newer AC equipment like I have (two years old) is more sensitive to this situation and reacts by constantly turning the unit on and off according to Nest's technical support. After dealing with this problem for a week I reinstalled the old thermostat to keep the AC equipment from being destroyed by the constant power cycling. Nest is aware of the situation and promised they would send a technician out to correct the problem. But empty promises are not what I expect when I spend this much money (and time) on a thermostat that is twice as expensive as any other thermostat. The Nest technical support is friendly and apologetic but they will never follow thru on any promise nor ever return a phone call. If you have newer equipment and don't want to serve as a guinea pig, I recommend waiting until Nest resolves their technical problems along with their personnel problems.

  • Jenny Rose - Good Look!

    Really needed something to help me prepare and study for HESI A2, and this was perfect, ordered and shipped very fast, had good practice, and was similar to actual test. Good buy and help.

  • DreamerNorth - Stops Itching and Skin's Reaction Immediately

    Best product when you run into an outbreak of poison ivy/poison oak. Researched and tried a variety of products. By far this one worked to shorten and subdue the skin's reaction, to the poison, once it had started to show and worsen. It is expensive and a very small tube, but I didn't want to suffer with the skin outbreak worsening or remaining longer than necessary. I ended up having to order another tube because my skin's delayed reaction lasted for about two weeks, in various spots on my body. Do remember the skin's reaction is not contagious or continue to spread. The outbreak is from the initial contact. You have to make sure you clean all things that came into contact with the poison, usually from your hands/fingers. Tools, clothes, keys, phone, door knobs, etc.........The price and quick shipping on Amazon was the best around!

  • joseph ngum - good book

    My first computer book to read. it was so good i have decided to advance my knowledge in computing especially programming.

  • john mcgowan - my father caught me using these pens

    i live with my parents and when my dad found me using these pens he threw all of my things in the trash and now he's taking me on a hunting trip?