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  • Amazon Customer - Results inconsistent and customer service is poor.....I would pass on this one

    I gave this a try. I'm 8 months postpartum, nursing, and cycles have not returned. I am also using in combination with the Marquette Nfp method using the clear blue digital monitor as well as Babi lh test strips, testing twice a day. Anyways, first morning saliva following instructions exactly......a good amount of ferning. My monitor didnt pick up any estrogen and it is pretty sensitive to changes. So out of curiosity, I still had not drank anything, eaten, or brushed teeth.....retested after maybe half an hour with saliva. Completely clear with only a few dots. Zero ferning. How can you be full of ferning and estrogen on minute and zero ferning and no estrogen the next with no changes to environmental factors or user differences?

  • Chicago - Nice

    Great Texture. No perfumes. GOes on very lightly.I've been using it for about 2 weeks and I have not yet noticed improvement but hopefully will in the next couple of weeks. I love Exuviance products but on the high end of the price point. Not sure if I will purchase again. I like th No.7 products and they are not as expensive.

  • J. Shin - A bit of a let down, but ok.

    I bought this with maybe too high hopes. At the very least, I thought it would be a good moisturizer. But alas, doesn't really do anything for my dry skin. I haven't seen any firming action going, but the cream does leave a nice tingly feeling. Might be better for someone who doesn't have dry skin.

  • mike modlin - I feel I wasted $95. 00

    I followed directions for use of this product for 32 days and did not have any results. I did not lose weight or feel any different than I did before I used this product. I feel I wasted $95.00. Just another weight loss scam.

  • Scratch - Large Energizer Charger

    I've used this a few times & it seems to work great. Charges in a few minutes. I noticed that there is another charger just like this one but it is smaller. I don't know if there is a difference in the two except one can charge more batteries at a time.