Vivacity Clinic - We offer same day solutions for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE). We treat men with Low-T symptoms. Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is customized to individuals. Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization, Weight Loss, Trimix, HCG.

  • Contact Us — Vivacity Clinic of Las Vegas - Vivacity Clinic of Las Vegas offers Hormone Replacement Therapy. Bio identical hormones are the essence of life, chemically regulating bodily processes; growth, aging, reproduction and metabolism.
  • Erectile Dysfunction — Vivacity Clinic of Las Vegas - Trimix in Las Vegas usually restores Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in one visit. Allows patients to sustain erection even after ejaculation. Feel and act like a new man.  Treat ED now!
  • IV Glutathione — Vivacity Clinic of Las Vegas - Las Vegas have now access to Glutathione IV Therapy, "The master anti-oxidant".  Reduced L-glutathione, most commonly called glutathione or GSH, is the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidant in all human cells, and is often referred to as the body's "master antioxidant".
  • Sexual Health — Vivacity Clinic of Las Vegas - We offer same day solutions for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Guaranteed results.  Trimix is a compounded medication that can restore ED in one day. 
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy — Vivacity Clinic of Las Vegas - Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for men in Las Vegas.  Testosterone replacement Therapy (TRT) in Las Vegas.  We treat Low T symptoms.  Get your libido back.
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  • Paul H - So far so good but not fully tested yet

    I pulled the trigger on this after loosing power for 5 days in late June and early July. It will be used strictly for back-up during power outages to keep the refrigerators running as well as the furnace in the winter.

  • Krista Manley - Caused breakouts on my sensitive skin

    Loved the concept to reduce the products I'm using and save time on busy mornings. Unfortunately I have sensitive skin - terrible acne as a teen but as I've gotten older (now 30) I don't have breakout issues. Two days using this lotion with no other changes to my skincare routine and I had cyst-like pimples along my hairline and small whiteheads all over my cheeks. Pass.

  • Audiophile - This stuff is great! Kaiser hospital suggested using it during my cancer ...

    This stuff is great! Kaiser hospital suggested using it during my cancer treatment to help with dry mouth and to help keep plaque buildup down as I couldn't floss. They were concerned about infection as my blood count was down due to the chemo infusions. So I wasn't able to floss for about six months. This product worked so well I have kept it up ever since. The reason? My dentist's hygienist said my teeth never looked better at my next appointment awhile after my last treatment! I don't recommend not flossing....I still do.

  • Amy W - Not worth the price to upgrade from the 2007 version

    I had been using Office Pro 2007 for quite some time now. I am a stay-at-home mom and a college student (online classes) and certainly use Office alot! I recently bought a new laptop and opted to go with the 2010 version as I got it pretty cheap through a student discount place. I DO like the 2010 version, but honestly? I just personally do not see enough changes/upgrades from the 2007 version to justify people spending this much money. If you can manage it get it at discounted price, sure, but other then that....I wouldn't waste your money.