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Excess Weight Gain, Obesity – Cause of Heart Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension and more... - Have You Been Diagnosed With Excess Weight Gain or Obesity? The signs and symptoms of these syndromes and their relationships to Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Heart Attack, and Stroke.

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  • Gary Gilbert - Great Distance Ball

    Great Distance ball... runs out a bit on the green. If you like a harder ball off the tee and to put with this ball is great. If your looking for distance and bite you may want to consider another ball...

  • Don B - The UI was much better than the Matricom and I wasn't inherently tied to ...

    For me this product outperformed the Matricom and Amazon's own verion. The UI was much better than the Matricom and I wasn't inherently tied to the products pre-loaded on the Amazon. I did have an issue with YouTube launching on the Ti4 but the Element support team was responsive and indicated this was a problem and I should return it for a new instance. I appreciated the honesty and did so and my new version works fine, I've since ordered another. My advice when buying these boxes is to be patient. The new Ti4 I received had been previously opened but works fine. It was missing the remote, however it was fully loaded and rooted and provided more more value than I paid for. Since the remote not effective I chalked it up to a win on my side. This is a great box, I just have some questions about the ordering and delivery process. Neither of which are product related.

  • Cindy - Five stars aren't enough

    This book is another amazing tale of how love truly conquers all, and that karma is so awesome. This series is just incredible and I love Dare even more than Landon LOL.

  • Judy - Love with TEMPATION!

    Elizabeth and Liam are lost after the same mans from their lives passes and are in for a love story full of intrigue, emotion and temptation! Liam who is a "legal" bookie meets Richard at his business and ends up learning more about his customer than he should. He ends up doing what most people would never think to do. Knowing Richard for a short time still leaves him with a loss he did not think would happen. Liam thought once he meet Elizabeth she would help him heal. Elizabeth is away a graduate school and only comes back home after her step father dies. Richard is her only living relative and he and Elizabeth have a very strong relationship. Richard has his reason which come out later why he made Liam keep secrets surrounding his health and death and trying to protect Elizabeth. This will create issues and willl Liam be able to keep his promise? At the reading of the will Elizabeth finds out that Liam will inherit everything but her childhood home. To say Elizabeth is upset and can not believe this she lashes out at Liam in frustration Liam states he will give everything to Elizabeth is she goes on 1 date. Going on that date is the beginning of their story and what a story to be read! I could not get up until I was done. Lauren and Willow are great authors and together they are unbeatable!! I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review.

  • Raina - A heart jerking story of love and loss

    A heart jerking story of love and loss. The big bad wolf might seem bad to others but for little red riding hood he is the man she loves. Through loss of loved ones and a murderer who once killed evil, but now is attacking the innocent, a couple find the love that though they had missed out on.

  • NCrow - Best I've tried

    I've been using this for several years, it's by far the best for my combo skin type and is affordable. Even Aveeno's other moisturizers are too drying for me. I went through different brands but have stuck with this bc I haven't found anything better yet.

  • Sam Xander - Read the other reviews and decided to try it.

    I started looking for an alternate antenna because no matter where I drive, on or off the road, my stock antenna would hit low branches and the stock unit had to be tightened regularly. Not sure why, but it did.