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  • http://wendych.uibcsites.com/reviews-3/reviews-2/ How To Protect Your Baby in The Nursery? | *~* Love Baby Love Her *~* - How To Protect Your Baby in The Nursery? Finally, a checklist that covers ALL aspects of infant safety in the nursery! No mother wants to put her
  • http://wendych.uibcsites.com/reviews-3/review-3/ How To Survive and Thrive With a Colicky Baby | *~* Love Baby Love Her *~* - If your baby cries for hours on end for no reason, you're not alone! Your Baby's Crying Is Keeping BOTH Of You From Getting Any Rest... Here's What
  • http://wendych.uibcsites.com/reviews-3/reviews/ Organic Baby – Caring for Baby the Chemical Free Way | *~* Love Baby Love Her *~* - If Your Baby Is Suffering From Rashes, Eczema or Dry Skin.. Then It Could Be Because of Your Baby Care Products Do you want to know
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  • http://wendych.uibcsites.com/reviews-3/austim-sym/ Complete Autism Packagek | *~* Love Baby Love Her *~* - Don't cripple your child's future! If your child may have autism, and you wait for your doctor to diagnose it, you are crippling your child's future. Early
  • http://wendych.uibcsites.com/offers/0-the-best-of-mid-life-mom/ $0 The Best Of Mid-Life Mom (FREE!) | *~* Love Baby Love Her *~* - Attention: New Parents, Expecting Parents and Baylovers, If you are struggling with infertility and trying to conceive or carry a pregnancy to delivery, you
  • http://wendych.uibcsites.com/offers/offer/ $2 Become A Sleep Baby Expert | *~* Love Baby Love Her *~* - Attention: New Parents, Expecting Parents and Baylovers Does Your Baby Sleep At Night? Instantly Download This Easy-to-Read Ebook to Discover How
  • http://wendych.uibcsites.com/offers/offer-2/ $19.97 Breastfeeding Simply | *~* Love Baby Love Her *~* - Attention: Babylovers and New Moms. Breastfeeding Simply 'Breastfeeding Simply' How to make breastfeeding easy, enjoyable and
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  • Cyndi - This was a good purchase

    I have a very sensitive stomach & was a little concerned about taking this product however it did not upset my stomach at all. I felt like it did what it was supposed to.

  • K. Symko - Disappointed

    I was disappointed in how light the fair shade is for this product. I am fair skinned and it does not cover my dark circles. It actually makes them look worse. A lot of money for something that did not work for me.

  • wolfgang wayland - It's Microsoft, What Can I Say.

    What Can I Say, It's Microsoft, It's proprietary, Its to expensive. But You Have to Have It any way, if you want to get anything done. I know it has crashed my system way to many times, but what can you do..

  • Online Shopper 1st - Used regularly

    My husband really believes in this product. We have used it regularly since the last time we had our septic system cleaned. The man who cleaned the system recommended it. According to my husband who had been buying this product locally, Amazon's price was very good.

  • April A. - A very Bright idea!

    Very cool little motion activated led light! I love the smart way it was designed! It has a rechargeable battery, usb powered, so I was so curious about mounting it and not being able to remove it when it needs to be charged, but they give you a magnet with a 3m sticky side to mount where you want it, and it is easily removable from its mounted magnet. The magnet is pretty strong and holds it securely. The battery lasts a considerably long time which is awesome! It has different modes like auto, on or off. It is perfect for dark cabinets and places that is hard to see or you need to grab a flashlight for. I actually mounted mine under my desk because I always have to get a flashlight to see what I am doing if I am plugging something into the computer or searching for the right disc. As soon as I move under there, it automatically turns on and I am able to see clearly! It is very convenient! The light is plenty bright enough to brighten up a small space and you won't forget to turn it off and drain the battery like a flashlight! I'm very happy with it!