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  • Sam J. Morris - Works Great!

    I was very skeptical when I bought this Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer, but not anymore, it works and it works very well, just as it is advertised.I removed the thermostat and did the flush to get out any rust and debris. I partially filled the radiator with water and slowly poured in the Blue Devil while the engine was running. I had to do it twice, because one bottle wasn't enough to make the seal on the first try. It was working, but it would lose the seal and the engine would heat up quickly. I could tell it was working, but it seemed to me that there wasn't enough of the Blue Devil in my system, because it would fail and the engine would heat up, then it would seal and the engine temperature gauge would cool down, then it would fail and the engine would heat up, as I was sitting in the driveway watching the heat gauge while the engine was running.

  • David Flanagan - Neigh! Neigh I say!!!

    As a serial bestial polygamist (married to several Arabian stallions and a shedfull of iguanas), I must register my offense at this horrific manifesto. While I have deeply enjoyed the sensual delights of all manner of species, both mammalian and reptilian, I can say with nearly 100% confidence that I have never in my existence engaged in any illicit sexual congress with a human of my own gender. That would be disgusting. To suggest that somehow man-on-man love is the gateway to a sublime encounter with a croc or a burmese python is absolutely false, and deeply offensive to those of us in "the lifestyle."

  • madlyn fafard - Attention manufaturer

    The second bottle I purchased ended up glued tight together at the 1/2 way mark of use. They were so stuck together I had to throw out the last half bottle. I hope this is niot common as I prefer to keep buying

  • David Smith - Love Kaspersky. I was a mobile PC tech for ...

    Love Kaspersky. I was a mobile PC tech for years and this was my easiest upsell because I genuinely believed in the product. I would get re-infection callbacks all the time with the freebies and as soon as I installed this, the infections stopped!


    Received these potatoes on November 13th 2013 and the expiration date is January 2014. Paid top dollar for an item that is only fresh for two months. They want you to eat 6 pounds of potatoes in two months. I will not order them again.