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  • Evan Smith - Great option for a meal replacement!

    I bought this for a couple of months for my wife during her pregnancy. Now, it doesn't compare at all to eating real fruits and vegetables, but it definitely works as a good meal replacement shake (she got her chocolate fix!) while providing all the benefits of a multivitamin.

  • Tanisha - 😍😍😍😍

    Loved it! Great way to end a series. Glad everyone got their happily ever after. Especially Tiny. She got to have more kids when she thought she couldn't.

  • ShinySquirrel - Good Reading

    I've read this whole series and found it to be enjoyable. I recommend all three although this was my favorite.

  • B. Gnoz - FDA approval... read the actual report

    Since February 4th of 2007, a fair amount of news has been generated by the FDA approval of this device, including coverage on national news shows. But it is prudent to read the FDA approval document directly (it's very brief).

  • DMac - So much to learn from...Can't call it a game per say...More like teaching software that is very fun!

    I had the original Rocksmith and loved it. When I seen this on sale I could not hold out any longer. I bought it for the PS3 since that is the system I had the original on. The graphics are very good and was happy to see that the songs that I had purchased on the original Rocksmith I could transfer over to the 2014 version. There are a lot of new lessons with this one I think, and you have such a good assortment of songs or song packs that you can download that you shouldn't get bored with it. More peddles and amps and cabnets to choose from. They have really outdone themselves with this one. I am learning so much with this product... I can't seem to call it a game because it is more of a teaching software then what you would call a game.

  • Tara - Warning, Contains Bismuth Oxide!

    Itchy! This face powder contains BISMUTH OXIDE, which is technically a mineral, but has no place in a face powder.

  • Justin B. - Works great!!

    I bought this because it seemed like a nice quality product and wasn't too expensive. My daughter wanted to give me a "make-over" and this was one of her requests. It turns hard and crusty just like mud does and wipes off easily. If was fun spreading it on each others faces and I didn't have to worry about a mess because it cleans up easy. It also made my skin feel very soft with is a bonus!