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  • BUCKY B - Seriously AMAZING.

    It's EPIC. It's just beyond EPIC!! The absolute HORROR of war that it portrays will move you. It looks great. So much story behind it. And it's real weapons that actually existed. Not some stupid laser gun and walking on walls and crap.

  • Musicman - It worked very well for my sore feet and other aches from martial arts

    I discovered this stuff in Windsor, Canada because a friend of mine lives across the river from Detroit so I would go to see her often. Last year while doing martial arts, I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot and the pain was terrible. I never had foot pain in the 25 years of taking martial arts. While in Windsor one particular weekend, I noticed the ad for this stuff so I tried it. After one week, the pain in my feet was about 80% gone - and yes it worked that fast on me. I finished the bottle and after about three weeks of not taking it, some of the pain returned so that told me that this stuff works. Overall Genacol is a really good product and I would recommend you to try it. Last year I searched for this on Amazon and I couldn't find it so I assumed that it wasn't available in the U.S. I just got back from my local Vitamin Shoppe and they don't have it so I am going to see if they can carry this stuff.

  • tlbe - Large, expandable, quality fabric

    This cargo carrier will expand to about 47" x 21" x 26". It has 6 attached straps so that it can be securely attached to your roof. The zipper is heavy duty. The fabric is both heavy duty and rainproof. I haven't had a reason to use it yet, but after inspecting it, I wont hesitate to use it on our next vacation. I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest review. I review items only if me or my family actually need and will use. I have read the reviews and information about the product myself prior to ordering so I am usually confident I will like the product – thus the reason many of my reviews are positive. However, I have and will continue to leave appropriate negative reviews for products that are not good quality products. I strongly depend on product reviews when making purchases so it's very important for me to leave an honest review. I do NOT review products just because they are free or discounted. 

  • Matthew Ward - Good book to reinforce the theories of Lean

    I'm really 50/50 on the book. I really like how Goldratt explains the importance of Lean and looking at bottlenecks throughout your plant's processes and how to correct them. I hate the melodramatic home life of the main character. Everytime the story goes back to the problems with his personal life I skimmed through them. I understand why the book is set up this way because Goldratt wants to illustrate how there are many factors outside of work which can compound stress and how the reader should really think about their work/life balance but it is not very good. I would hope if I worked at a plant that was shutting down, and if it does, I'm out of a job which means I would not be able to provide for my family, my wife would be a little more understanding than the protaganost's wife is acting in the book. I wish this book's narrative only took place in the plant. I also realize you're not reading this book just for the narrative.

  • b.deren - Bright but...

    This light is very bright but very compact so it doesn't really stay cool long enough to be used at its highest setting for long. I use it with 18650 and it runs forever on lower settings. The brightest setting would probably damage the light and or battery if run for too long. It gets too hot to comfortably handle especially in summer months. I'd recommend the TK22 U2 as a superior light with much better cooling capacity. Have both and the TK22 @ 650lm sees much more use. This one just sits in the car in case of an emergency. Might actually sell it down the line. I'd say stay away from these compact lights unless you absolutely need the most brightness in the smallest package without the need to run it for long periods.

  • Amazon Customer - While it was accurate and complete, it lacks a ...

    While it was accurate and complete, it lacks a rating system to help distinguish among choices. Considering the popularity of short "stopovers" a suggested short itinerary would have been helpful.

  • Melissa Mendoza with B1tches N Books - Be prepared!

    Not your typical book by T. Gephart!!! It's dark, twisted and seriously insane!!! You will be left with your jaw hanging open!!!