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  • Sarah - Cheap looking

    This fits fine and is comfortable but looks a lot cheaper in person. The fabric is single layer ribbed cotton, and the stitching is exposed on the cuffs and the bottom hems. Wouldn't be so bad except the ivory/purple combo the offwhite stitching shows really obviously on the purple. Just a cheap look. The cuffs I can roll a little and they won't show so I will probably keep this but it's not as sharp a look as i wanted

  • Shawneecrafts - Great Way to Study for the SAT

    My daughter and I found this book to be very helpful for her to use to prepare for her SAT test. I recommend it for any homeschooler preparing for college. It contains just what is needed to help the student prepare and to help ease worry about what the material and tests will be like. It's a must-have for the high school home education teacher.

  • kenneth hass - Garnier's Fall Fight Shampoo has lost the Fight ! It has Fallen off store shelves here in Kansas.

    This is my wife's favorite Shampoo. However, it has been taken off store shelves in all the Big & little stores we have checked here in South Central Kansas. What a shame !!

  • Matt W. - Love Garcinia Cambogia

    Love Garcinia Cambogia! The stuff is not a miracle pill. I repeat, this is NOT a miracle pill. Proper diet and exercise is still super important. The pill however can help you in eating better. It does a great job suppressing my appetite, helping me eat less. This has led to weight loss, but I am also exercising which is very important. Give it a try, I am sure you will see similar results! Also, I love that these pills are small! I sometimes have a hard time swallowing large pills, but I can take three of these before meals at once without a problem!

  • Jackson - easy and looks great

    This light is very easy to install, and looks great. It basically replaces the existing tail light and all the cables are the exact same as the OEM parts, so it's easy to remove/install. If you've never removed fairings before, you can do the job in less than 2 hours going very slowly. If you're familiar with fairing removal, it can easily be done in 30 minutes or less.